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10 Common Community Problems We Should Know

Even though civilization is developing every year, there are still some social issues. Well, it depends on the geographical location, circumstance, weather, education, and other things. However, there are some common community problems in our society.

As we noted above, it depends on several factors. However, that does not mean all places have the same issue. That’s why you have to analyze them first. If you want to solve these issues, you have to know about them more.

In this article, we are sharing the common issues that every society faces. Before you take a step, make sure you are knowing the basics of these issues. So, let’s get started.

Top Community Problems

According to many surveys, most people have some common problems in society. In this case, it can be a big threat. To resolve these community problems, you have to know the factors:

1. Economic Development

Economic development is one of the most common issues in our society. Even with the growth of the economy, we are facing some critical challenges such as unemployment, a diverse economy, and more.

Moreover, it has become a global problem, thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak. Resolving economic problems is not an overnight task. We need proper planning to develop our community’s economic condition.

2. Housing

Housing is one of the common community problems in urban areas. According to officials, the housing problem is among veterans and senior citizens. On the other hand, the housing problem for homeless people is a hot topic.

The government is trying to solve everything as much as possible. Still, it will take a lot of time. However, this issue isn’t that valid in the countryside.

3. Pollution

Pollution is a global problem now. No matter where you are from or what you are doing, you have to face the consequences of pollution. Well, we are the reason behind pollution.

However, it’s not easy to solve this issue, especially when climate change has become a hot topic. So, everyone should cooperate to resolve this problem.

4. Public Safety

When it comes to saving our society, public safety is a crucial factor. When a place doesn’t have enough safety for the public, they are going to see many issues. That’s the reason why this issue is the top priority for leaders.

However, they have to keep civilians safe in every situation. The public can also help to make a place safer.

5. Budgets

Budget is not a small problem, it can change the entire society. From health care to financial issues, the budget can play a crucial role. And it’s city leaders’ job to resolve this issue.

Just like other community problems, budgets can create other problems as well. Moreover, it’s not easy to solve this issue. They need a good plan to work on budgets.

6. Education

Education is one of the most common issues that every community faces. Well, when students are not getting a proper education, it can be a threat to society, even for the country.

You see, most crimes and conflicts occur when the community has a poor education system. Hence, it can create financial problems as well. So, the leaders have to take strict action to provide students with a good education.

7. Sustainability

As we noted before, climate change and pollution are hot topics in today’s world. That’s why we have to find the solution at this moment. To make some changes, we have to be more sustainable.

Well, that’s the problem as well. Most people are not sustainable yet. In this case, we have to spread more awareness. Unless these issues can be a huge threat for us.

8. Transportation

Transportation is one of the common community problems in urban areas. Well, we can’t blame the public for this. Managing transportation depends on how city leaders are working.

For example, a poor transportation system can create so many issues. If you want to change it, make sure you are talking to the high authority. Plus, you can also spread awareness.

9. Diversity

Diversity is not a problem at all. However, it can be a big issue when multiple communities are living in a city. Solving this problem is both leaders’ and the public’s responsibility.

In this case, all citizens have to be more welcoming. Plus, the leaders can start various activities to solve this problem.

10. Technology

Last but not least, technology is one of the common community problems right now. Even though technology is growing, we are facing various issues. As a result, it’s becoming a big threat to our society. That’s why we have to take the right steps to use technology properly.


You see, community problems can be very critical for society. If we are not taking steps from the beginning, they can create a huge problem. We have been ignoring these issues for a long time. So, it’s the right time to solve these problems. If you need help, you can contact the higher authority too.


Q: What is a community issue?

In simple words, a community issue is something that can be crucial for a community. Well, it can happen anywhere. 

Q: What are the biggest problems in society?

There are several problems in society. However, it also depends on the geographical location, political issue, or other things. Some biggest problems are poverty, political conflict, education, and environmental issues. 

Q: What are the causes of community problems?

The causes of community problems depend on various things. Some top causes of community issues are poverty, urbanization, unemployment, lack of education, gender discrimination, and more. 

Q: What are examples of community needs?

Everyone wants some basic things for society. Well, some top examples of community needs are safety, health & wellness, sense of community, natural environment, and economic development.  

Q: How can the community solve social problems?

You can solve social problems by doing several things. You have to provide good education, job opportunities, and skill training. When the base of the community is strong, it can develop further.


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