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You cannot listen to the moaning of a broken heart when a gaming has a disappointing ending, or the graphics used in a certain game are abysmal or how one chirps like a bird with the addition of a new feature or a helping tool in a game unless you are a true, passionate gamer! Like everything else, the gaming industry has grown in leaps and bounds and is no longer a privilege.

The bulge in the gaming industry has made it one of the bigger contributors to the economy bringing with it both flexibility and diversity. You can dole out millions to get your hands on new blockbuster games, consoles, gaming laptops, or even the latest mobile phones depending on your passion and purchasing power.

gaming laptop

With gaming quick becoming a favorite passion, there is so much more fascinating to know about it. Behold your breath! You are about to know 10 of the most amazing fun facts about gaming that might change your perspective of both gaming and gamers!

          Age Is Just A Number

As the popular saying goes, when in love age and weight are just numbers! You will be more used to perceiving gamers as teenagers who lock themselves up to play the latest games that arrive in the bid to be the first who give out reviews. However, statistics along with the throngs of middle age gamers packed in gaming zones show otherwise. What’s more baffling is the rising influence of old gamers. Almost 30% of the gaming enthusiasts are above 50. The gaming designers, therefore, now create games that are almost exclusively for those above 50 or games that are equally gripping for gamers of all ages. The change in the designing is now the inclusivity.

          China Challenging Markets!

China has mastered the art of learning and executing. By the end of 2018 China had the single most accruing gaming market earning $27 billion a year. There were more games produced in China than in any other country. Together Free-to-play (F2P) and Pay-to-play (P2P) helped Asia to top the charts of revenue generating through games. Europe and North America followed at second and third position.

          Breaking Stereotypes Is the Norm

Eyes no longer bulge out of sockets upon seeing a female gaming pundit. There is no more gendering of games as 40% of the gamer are female today. The more personalization options, stirring story lines, and acceptance, gaming is no longer male centric. Females getting enthusiastic about gaming doesn’t mean they are excited about games where they doll up girls for fashion parades, instead they are more into the adrenaline pumping, action packed games. 46% of the game purchasers out there are women who can rightly be called fangirls!

          Games Breaking Budget Records

For those who believe a few clicks here and there gets a game up and running, big news for you! It’s not that simple. It takes interminable, hair-splitting hours to come up with a game and its designing. Along with the brains it requires financial backing. Together exceptional skills, knowledge, and finance gives birth to winning games.

One such game is The Grand Theft Auto V which is the most expensive game to date. The 2013 version of the game took whopping $137 million in creation and another $128 million in marketing. It was a fair deal for the manufacturer as the profits surpassed the amount, the game made $1 billion in just initial 3 days of launch. The runner up is ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ which amounted to $50 million for building and $200 million for marketing.

          Online Games Bringing Together Families

While most of us are more used to parents fretting about our studies, preparing us uncountable times for tests or exams to come, today parents are turning to games to spend time with their children. The huge gaming options have enabled almost every family to have access to interactive and engaging games. There are free online games as well as high-priced gaming systems. There is something for everyone.

In order to bring children their children closer, more than 33% of the parents have started playing online games with their young children so that they build a strong relationship with them. There are money-making games, adventure games, and other family friendly games.

          South Korea was Once Forced to Ban Midnight Gaming        

The unrestrained gaming among children in South Korea forced passing of Cinderella Law that banned gaming of children under 16 after 12 AM. Since mobile phones and consoles weren’t affected the law could not be fully enforced and for those who couldn’t give up the urge, they began stealing resident number to evade the law. Indeed, where there is a will there’s a way!

          Purchasing Games Is a Fair Deal

Bringing of games to smartphones and tablets has resulted in burgeoning of revenues. The startling figures by gaming industry show 41% of purchases being made through these gadget games. There is no hesitance as people willingly and enthusiastically purchase these games.

The games that are specially designed for the techies and elaborate consoles too saw 31% global sales with games on PC accounting for 23% of the sales. These figures are way ahead of the traditional games and show optimism and confidence of the buyers who feel they are spending on something valuable.

          Make Online Gaming Better with VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) has been generously offering services that have transformed the online gaming experience.  VPN allows re-routing of connection to the country of your choice which offers you not only more variety but greater smoothness. A server that is near to the gaming hub will provide more efficient functionality than one far away. It gives greater access to DLC along with more secure online presence.

          Virtual Reality Now Holds the Torch

The tech sophistication is bringing in exceptional revolutions. The increased curiosity and knowledge have expanded the sphere of human creativity pushing them into a new era of virtual reality. Concepts which were initially deemed a work fiction are now materializing in the form of VR systems. You get to enjoy the game by being a part of it. Virtual Reality has opening up new pathways for more creativity and enhancements. Let’s cross our fingers to everything else that this trailblazer will introduce us to.

          Making A Career Out of Your Passion

Do what you love, and you won’t have to work ever! Gaming can become a career choice as well. Seeing the popularity and the uncurbed growth of the gaming industry, it is a lucrative option and one that is never growing old or out of business! from Shigeru Miyamoto to Danil Dendi Ishutin, the brave and bold have made their choices and are reaping the benefits. There are tremendous ways of making gaming a career as it is a huge sector. There is developing, marketing, monetization, consumption, distribution, and much more. You can start off with reviews through blogs or videos. Years of experience can turn you into a developer as well. E-sports is another rapidly growing offshoot of the gaming industry.

There are plenty of career opportunities, the challenging task is striking a balance between a healthy lifestyle and gaming habits. For the talented ones, there is never a shortage of opportunities.

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