Bathroom Redesign Projects

The dog days of summer are in the rearview mirror. With winter around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to stay warm on those cold days. This blog will tell you 3 Bathroom Redesign Projects for this Winter.

A fireplace is always helpful, and the comforters on your bed are nice and cozy. But one room that is always chilly is the bathroom.

No one wants to step out of a hot bath or shower and into the frigid air or walk barefoot on the freezing floor. Luckily, all it takes is using these three easy redesign projects to turn your bathroom into a toasty, instead of frosty, wonderland.

1. Start With the Water

If you’re shivering the whole time you’re in the shower, it’s a problem with an easy fix once you know the problem. 

There are two possible reasons you’re not getting the hot water you need for a sauna-like shower. You could have a water heater issue, or your showerhead is obsolete. 

Updating the Showerhead

The easiest fix is the showerhead, so let’s start with that one. Go in your bathroom and check out the fixture you have now. Is it a basic, small head that comes standard with the plumbing? If so, it’s time to upgrade.

Not only is your showerhead keeping you from enjoying a satisfying few minutes of peace and warmth, but it’s wasting water and energy.

A quick Google search for showerheads will give you thousands of options. Showerheads are relatively inexpensive. A luxury, rain-style version costs about $40, and other decent varieties are even cheaper.

When you buy your next fixture, look for one with the WaterSense label. These showerheads reduce your water and energy consumption by using aeration. You get a better flow with less wasted water.

Is it the Water Heater?

If changing the showerhead didn’t solve your warmth problem, you may have a water heater issue. The solution to this could be simple, or you could need an entire replacement heater.

Fixing your water heater yourself can be dangerous. If you’re a confident DIY handyperson, this guide will help you troubleshoot the possible issues. Otherwise, call your landlord or a plumber to get the appliance fixed before winter.

2. Add Radiant Heating to the Floor

Sure, the bath mat keeps you from stepping straight onto the cold floor. But unless you plan on playing “bath mat hopscotch,” you need a better way to warm up the tiles, like radiant heating.

What is Radiant Heating?

With this bathroom upgrade, the entire space is warmed, not just the floor. A cable heating element is woven into a mat, which is then installed underneath your tile. 

It’s safe and simple to add at the same time you’re doing a floor renovation. The heating mat slides in flush with the new floor. 

If you’re not replacing the entire floor, radiant heating can also be installed against the ceiling below the bathroom. The heat elements add warmth to the floor the same way, no matter which installation technique you use.

Apartment dwellers can still enjoy the benefits of radiant heating. All you need is an area rug and a portable radiant floor heater. You won’t get all the optimal benefits, but you’ll have a warm floor to walk on!

Radiant heating works best with porcelain and ceramic tiles, but it can be combined with any flooring type. 

3. Accessorize With Textures

You know how you dress in layers when you have to go outside in cold weather? The same theory applies to your bathroom. The more texture and layering you use, the warmer the space becomes.

The most obvious way to add texture is to use a plush, warm bath mat. (You can always add the portable radiant heater underneath your bath mat for extra warm feet.)

Other ways to texturize to embrace warmth include:

  • Upgrading to a thicker shower curtain to keep the cool air out of your bath
  • Adding a plant or two to absorb the excess moisture in the air
  • Cover the bare floor with area rugs
  • Decorate with items that have warm, textured surfaces, like woven baskets and wood
  • Paint the walls with warm colors (or use removable wallpaper if you’re in a rental)
  • Keep a thick bathrobe on the hook next to your towel

These small tweaks in your bathroom style make a huge difference in how warm you’ll be.


“Thinking” our way to feeling comfortable when it’s hot is something we all do. We imagine sitting by a refreshing pool drinking a cold beverage or eating a frozen treat.

But trying to do the same thing when you’re cold isn’t as easy. “Thinking” warm thoughts won’t thaw your frozen veins! With these three simple redesign projects, you won’t feel like you’re in the tundra when you’re in your bathroom this winter.