marketing trends to emerge

Let’s take a look at the prevailing trends in the field of digital marketing tools and figure out which areas of digital should be paid more attention to. This blog is about the 3 marketing trends to emerge in 2022.

Each new year brings new trends in marketing in general and digital promotion in particular. 2020 was an interesting year in terms of changing consumer behavior and the active penetration of online technologies into everyone’s life. Digital Marketing Trends 2021 pose new challenges for marketers looking to improve the performance of their projects. After all, the development of the digital sphere is not only about positive trends, many changes, on the contrary, complicate the work in the market and force a creative approach to solving problems. 3 marketing trends to emerge in 2022-

Users’ personal data is becoming less public

If earlier users were looking for ways to keep their privacy on their own, then in 2020 such IT giants as Apple and Google stood up to protect people. The practice of using cookies to identify users and, accordingly, to use them to set up personalized advertising is a thing of the past. 

Now advertising will be possible not for a specific user, but for the segment to which he belongs. On the one hand, it is an opportunity to reach new users who were not previously aware of the products that the company offers on the market. On the other hand, non-personalized ads should be expected to result in lower conversion rates. So in 2021, digital professionals should continue experimenting, testing and measuring different types of campaigns and channels. As usual, the digital marketer needs to look for new solutions, measure their profitability and find the optimal balance between costs and results.

Shopping on social media

People spend a lot of time on social media. In 2020, the average time spent crawling friends’ feeds and socializing online increased to 3 hours a day. This is a good prerequisite for companies to increase their exposure to social media users to increase their chances of making a sale. Moreover, social media platforms are trying to make the process of choosing and paying for goods more convenient and simpler, without going to third-party resources.

In addition, social media is not just another sales channel for companies, where brands meet with potential buyers just because they spend most of their time there. Social e-commerce is a new way to personalize offerings, where users expect brands to take into account previous experience. Most importantly, they hope this will help companies better identify human buying options so that they can make deals that match them. 

Promotion optimization and data-driven marketing

More and more sales are being made online. And this changes the nature of consumer interaction with the brand: sometimes making purchases, sometimes just registering in accounts in order to follow updates, sometimes buying immediately, and other times waiting for a long time, etc. The year 2021 marks a turning point, when the relatively linear movement of users along the route to purchase is replaced by a diffuse chaotic pattern of consumer contacts with the brand. In this case, it is important for marketers to ensure the constant presence of the brand in the daily life of the client. Data-driven marketing is possible on the latest viral platform – Twitch. Especially in the gaming space, more people are watching streams. Buy Twitch followers and organically you gain more recommendation tips from the platform itself. 

When companies begin to collect data about their customers and analyze their behavior, they better understand the necessary actions on their part, which influence users in the desired way in order to ultimately bring them to a purchase. In this they are assisted by machine algorithms and learning. Artificial intelligence not only suggests how to personalize communication as much as possible, but also allows you to optimize channels, display ads, email campaigns and even the use of content in promotion, finding the type and type that is more effective.

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