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New Orleans is known for its abundance of sights to view, cuisine to eat, cocktails to drink, and music to dance to. The museums to visit are less well-known. The museums in New Orleans cater to a wide range of interests and expertise. It’s so large that a whole month has been set aside for them. Museum Month is celebrated in New Orleans every August with special bargains and discounts for museum lovers!

You can learn about the history of artisan cocktail culture at Sazerac House one day and then immerse yourself in the realm of prescriptions, potions, and poisons at the Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans.

You can never go wrong with any of the museums. With so many options, here are a few that you may add to your list when you visit!


The National WWII Museum

The World War II Museum, formerly known as the D-Day Museum, uses multimedia exhibits such as video, relics, human tales, photographs, and atmospheric elements to convey the story of one of history’s biggest and bloodiest wars.

Michael Canzian, the managing principal and founder of Band of Brothers Easy Company Tour (sponsored by the WWII Museum in New Orleans), suggests a visit to New Orleans if you are a fan of WWII history.

The interactive exhibit begins with the path that led to the commencement of the war and takes visitors through battles across Europe and Japan to the war’s eventual conclusion. The Road to Tokyo, The Road to Berlin, and The Arsenal of Democracy, which depicts life on the home front, are among the exhibits. Beyond All Boundaries is a 4D video that is only available at the World War II Museum and is shown every hour on the hour. The exhibits are supported by an expansive collection of artifacts that includes over 250,000 items and 9,000 personal accounts.


New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

This old building in the French Quarter’s Chartres Street hasn’t changed much since the 19th century. The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, which honors this legacy via a treasure trove of antiques and ephemera, formerly housed America’s first licensed pharmacist, Louis Dufilho Jr. Hundreds of objects are on display, including hand-blown pharmacy bottles, Voodoo potions, medical instruments, prosthetic devices, and ancient wheelchairs. A 19th-century pharmacist’s work area is likewise recreated.


The New Orleans Jazz Museum

The New Orleans Jazz Museum in the city’s French Quarter celebrates jazz at its birthplace by bringing it to life via exciting interactive exhibitions dedicated to some of the city’s most famous musicians, such as Louis Armstrong and Pete Fountain. Bring your dancing shoes since live music is performed in the museum’s $4 million performance hall on the third floor.

By Sambit