Everyone has the responsibility to drive as safely and lawfully as possible. Unfortunately, many people ignore traffic laws and drive in a generally unsafe manner at least some of the time, which often causes them to cause accidents. Other factors also significantly contribute to causing vehicular accidents in Michigan. Here’s a closer look at five of the most common causes of traffic accidents in Detroit and the rest of the Great Lakes State.

1. Driving While Distracted

The proliferation of cellphones and cellular technology has contributed greatly to creating a driving threat that did not exist three decades ago. Taking your eyes off the road while driving is very dangerous, but that’s what many people do when they use their cellphones while driving. Texting is an especially dangerous form of distracted driving that causes people to drive significant distances without paying attention, which is why it’s illegal to do in every state.

2. Hazardous Weather Conditions

Life in the snow belt and in locales that get clobbered by lake-effect snow means putting up with hazardous weather and road conditions at times. Snow, ice, and rainstorms all make driving much more treacherous and greatly contribute to the potential for vehicular accidents to occur. It’s important to adjust your driving to match weather and road conditions and maintain your vehicle so it will give you the best possible traction and protection against accidents while driving in bad weather.

3. Driving While Under the Influence

Drinking and driving is a well-known cause of often deadly vehicular accidents. The recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan makes it more likely that many people will also drive while under the influence of THC and its intoxicating effects. Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs affect drivers’ motor skills and ability to react to prevent accidents. Clearly, it is best to drive while sober and use a designated driver or pay for a cab or ride-hailing service instead of driving while under the influence.

4. Exceeding the Speed Limit

The more a driver exceeds the speed limit, the more likely that driver will cause an injury accident that might claim someone’s life. Any experienced Detroit car accident lawyer can affirm the dangers of speeding while driving. Most cars weigh a couple of tons, and some vehicles weigh significantly more. Differences in vehicle heights make some types especially deadly in accidents – like tall pickups and SUVs that have higher centers of gravity than most coups or sedans. Their respective weights and differences in height make it more dangerous to exceed the speed limit and possibly cause an injury accident.

It’s important to do your best to drive lawfully and as safely as possible on Michigan roads. The weather and road conditions can make driving very difficult at times. Breaking the law while driving makes it more likely that you might cause an accident.

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