Struggling to Sell

Planning to sell your property can often turn into a stressful situation. Homeowners wishing to sell their existing properties don’t always realise that it’s not a process that can be finalised within a day or two. Struggling to Sell your home? 

If you’ve enlisted the services of a real estate agent Rowville and other Australian cities are renowned for then you might already understand the process. If you’re trying to sell your home on your own, then you might be experiencing a few hiccups. No matter what your current setup, let’s help you. 

Some Common Reasons Your Property Isn’t Drawing Attention- Struggling to Sell 

With the extensive amount of organising and arranging you have to do, you may have overlooked a few crucial issues. If your house has been on the market for some time without drawing the interest you were hoping for, you might have to change a few aspects. Our experts have compiled a few tips to identify and rectify the reasons you might be struggling to sell one of your biggest assets. 

Your Property Isn’t Putting its Best Foot Forward- Struggling to Sell 

Many homeowners make the mistake of not creating the perfect environment for prospective buyers. When potential buyers view a home, they visualise themselves living in the space. If they’re planning to use the property for rental purposes, they’ll be looking at it from a future tenant’s perspective.

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If you’re attempting to sell your home for the first time, you might be overlooking how you’re presenting your home. Have you made your home attractive to potential buyers? Here are a few tips to help you get your home more “buyer-ready”:

  • Declutter: Nothing puts a potential buyer off your property quite like clutter. When a home is cluttered, viewers tend to focus on the clutter standing around rather than the actual positive features of the home. 
  • Deep clean everything: If your prospective buyer is a neat freak, your dirty carpets could easily prevent them from liking the entire house! Even an old house doesn’t have to look neglected. Clean curtains, carpets and cupboards will give the space a fresh look, which in turn adds to its appeal. 
  • Minor repairs: Give your home a mini makeover by refreshing the space with necessary cosmetic renovations. Some ideas for this include carpet cleaning, painting and repairing or replacing minor damages. 
  • Update the garden: You don’t have to go on a whole landscaping mission in your garden, but a good spring clean will definitely increase your home’s street appeal. Simple examples of this include mulching, mowing, pruning and a general clean. 
  • Street appeal: Look at the exterior of your home from the street. How appealing does it look? Ask a friend or neighbour for an objective opinion when they look at your home. Smaller, cost-efficient repairs or upgrades could help improve your home’s street appeal.
  • Update your entrance: The front door is most likely the entrance where your potential buyers will walk into your home. Make your entrance appealing and welcoming. Doing this will make prospective buyers feel welcome as they walk in. They’ll immediately associate that with how they want their own home to feel. 
  • Highlight the positives: If you say your home is spacious, make it look that way. Cupboards should be clean and neatly packed to create the impression of having enough storage.

Not Having the Right Agent

Choosing to sell your home on your own can make the selling process more complicated. It’s always best to find the right agent to facilitate the sale of your home. This expert will have the necessary customer service skills to effectively oversee all the buyer enquiries. 

Agents with extensive selling experience will also know how to focus on your home’s best features. They’ll also be able to advise you on the best ways to make your home look its best. 

Unrealistic Pricing Range

It’s estimated that about 70% of homes that are failing to generate the right amount of interest is as a result of over-pricing. Many homeowners don’t do the necessary research to establish the most legal and realistic pricing range for their properties. 

This is another point where having the right agent will benefit you. The agent will assist you in calculating the right price for the area your property is in. They will also be able to point out the features, upgrades and renovations needed that could justify a higher asking price. 

Not Pointing out the Benefits of Your Area

When you’re dealing with prospective buyers, it’s about more than promoting the good qualities of your property. Without overwhelming property viewers, take the time to explain the benefits of the neighbourhood your home is in. 

For instance, how far is the nearest shopping centre? Are their schools in the area? What community events happen in the area? Potential buyers could find these pointers useful and already imagine themselves as part of the community. 

Final Thought

There are a host of factors that together ensure your property attracts the right type of attention from the start. Follow our tips along with other suggestions from your estate agent to put your home in the best light. 

Last tip: ask prospective buyers what they don’t like about your property. Fix smaller cost-effective issues and you may be surprised at the offers you get.