First Start Riding Motorcycle

4 Things That You Will Notice When You First Start Riding a Motorcycle. While the rules are the same, the experience of driving a motorcycle compared to driving something with four wheels is very different. Many things will surprise a new rider, like the fullness of the experience, there are so many sensual inputs that exhilarate you while you ride. The sounds, the g-force, the lean, and the momentum are much more pronounced. You feel the speed directly through the wind in your face while the sounds of the motor give you instant data on performance. But these are not the only things that you will discover when you get out into traffic. You are also going to notice a lot of things about how other people drive. And how bikes fit into the traffic hierarchy.

  1. Other Drivers: Getting your first motorcycle is an exciting experience. Once you have made your decision and figure out the financial aspects. You will get yourself outfitted with gear at a place like Wheels Honda motorcycle dealer. When you finally get rolling on your first real trip you are instantly faced with some frightening realities. You have become invisible, and the drivers around you are much worse than you imagined. Somehow, in a car you can get away with so much more complacency; other cars accommodate you without thinking about it. But on a bike, well they aren’t looking for bikes. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you know that your safety is entirely in your own hands. Which is an advantage in a way, because as when you lose your trust in the other drivers, you will become a much more conscientious rider.
  2. Naysayers: When people learn that you have gotten a motorcycle, a strange transformation takes place. Suddenly, your friends and even people you just met feel an urge to tell you what a mistake you have made and how dangerous it is to drive a motorcycle or scooter, as if you have lost all your senses. It is best to learn to just laugh it off, they are just showing the level of fear they choose to live with.
  3. Motorcycling is Not Rebellious: Despite the popular image, riding a motorcycle is not a rebellious act. It is in fact a very responsible method of transportation that brings several advantages. You take up less space on the road and in the parking lot. You use less resources, and most motorcycles cost a fraction of what cars do.
  4. You Are in the Club: As soon as you start getting out on the road, you are going to notice a lot of strangers that suddenly are giving you nods or a wave, and people will approach you and start to talk about bikes. You have suddenly become part of a whole new group of people who have realised, like you have, that riding instead driving is one of the most rewarding choices you could make.

Another thing you will notice when you start riding a motorcycle is that the trip becomes more interesting than the destination. The experience of riding is so sensual and refreshing, that it overrides all the bad drivers and all the negative Nancy’s out there. It is a great way to enhance your life experience.