college graduates

There is no one that is more excited to work than a college graduate. After four years of hard work and studying, college graduates are eager to take on the work field. College graduates are enthusiastic, offer a fresh perspective, and are tech savvy. All great qualities in an employee, right? If there is an opening for an entry level position at your company, a college graduate might just be the perfect fit.

However, the process of recruiting and hiring college graduates is a little bit different. Some companies recruit and hire employees months prior to graduation, while others wait for students to actually get their degree before looking. Regardless of when you’re looking to hire, if there is any entry level position at your company that you need to fill, check out these 4 tips to recruiting and hiring college graduates.

1.  Look Online

If there is one thing you can be sure of with a college graduate, it’s that they are online. So that means that is exactly where you should be looking. Post your job listing on various job search websites, as that is where most college students look. If your company uses social media or has a website, be sure to post the job listing on those too. The more places you post the job listing to, the more people it will reach.

2.  Run a Background Check

Picture this: after weeks of searching for candidates, you finally feel like you found the right one. They’re excited to work, incredibly qualified, and have great experience. Everything seems great, until they actually start working and you realize they’re not as qualified as you thought they were. This is every employer’s worst nightmare, which is exactly why it’s crucial to run a background check. There are a couple of different types of background checks, like a fingerprint background check and an E-verify background check. Figure out a system that works for you and make sure you run a background check for any employee you’re considering bringing on. A background check ensures that you’re hiring a good employee, because sometimes your instincts can be wrong.

3.  Check Out Career Fairs

There are career fairs at most universities throughout the entire school year. So if you’re looking to recruit employees prior to graduation, definitely check out career fairs. Career fairs are a great place to meet students who are eager and excited to work. It is a good way to network and connect with students who may be a perfect fit for your company. Just make sure you have some custom company pens to give out- college students love free stuff.

4.  Be Flexible

Flexibility is definitely something recent college graduates look for in a company. So when you’re recruiting, make sure you let candidates know that you’re flexible. The ability to work remotely is appealing to most college graduates, so if that is something your company can do, be sure to make that apparent. It is important to take notes of what qualities recent college graduates look for in a company. Good company culture and flexible scheduling are both qualities that appeal to most college graduates.

The process of recruiting and hiring is a little bit different for college graduates than it would be for other candidates, which is why it is crucial to do your research. College graduates are smart and eager to work and can add a lot of value to a company. Follow these useful tips and you will bring on the perfect fit for your entry level position in no time.

By Sambit