Best Male Sex Toys

While it’s true that women typically use sex toys more than men (if studies and polls are anything to go by!) male sex toys still make up a large percentage of toys available on the market. From cock rings to penis pumps, male sex toys can help with everything from premature ejaculation to erectile dysfunction; they’re also great for simply adding a bit of fun and flavour to your sex life!

And it’s time to let go of the idea that male sex toys are only for single men; men in relationships can also make use of sex toys to add some spice to their relationship – in fact, many sex toys are actually designed to enhance the sexual experience between two partners. The outdated image of the lonely woman with her vibrator or the eternally-single man with his blow-up doll are simply old stereotypes – sex toys are universal, and can be enjoyed by men either alone or with a partner.

What are the benefits of using male sex toys?

Male sex toys can be beneficial for a number of reasons, not just for your sexual satisfaction but even your overall wellbeing, too!

Enhanced performance

Using male sex toys is a great way to enhance your performance between the sheets! Male sex toys such as fleshlights can help you practice controlling your ejaculation if you’re struggling with premature ejaculation, while toys such as penis pumps can help you maintain your erection for longer if you struggle with erectile dysfunction. 

Enhanced sensations 

Using sex toys is also a great way to enhance sensations during sex. A sex toy such as a sex wedge can help you enjoy deeper penetration, while a cock ring can help your penis stay harder for longer, leading to more lengthy sessions and better sensations for your partner. You can also experiment with new sensations yourself – one of the most popular male sex toys on the market is the prostate massager, which stimulates and massages the prostate and can be used to enhance sensations during penetrative sex and oral sex.

Less stress

Is there anything more mood-killing than feeling obliged to concentrate all your energy on not reaching orgasm too fast with your partner? Or the opposite – feeling unable to maintain an erection for the duration of your intimacy? This is where sex toys come in and can help you out – sex toys can help you relax during sex by reducing the pressure on yourself to “perform” – with the help of sex toys, you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the shared moment together!

What are the best sex toys for men in 2022?

To help you get started and enjoy better sex, we’ve gathered the best male sex toys on the market to help you enhance your sex life and enjoy better sex either alone or with a partner:

Best Male Sex Toys for: Singles

Being single is one of the best times to experiment with male sex toys, not simply because you can take your time and find what you love, but also because you can work on your endurance and perform better sexually if and when you’re in a relationship later on.

Toy Pick: TENGA Original Vacuum Deep Throat Onacup

This blowjob machine is ideal if you miss the sensation of oral sex: this toy is pre-lubricated for your pleasure, and offers intense sucking sensations that will offer mind-blowing orgasms – it’s so intense you’ll think it’s the real thing! Blow job machines are one of the most popular male sex toys currently on the market, and becoming increasingly advanced in their technology: you can even now enjoy warming sensations and ultra-realistic textured sensations! Make sure to buy a blow job machine that is apt for the size of your penis – check the reviews if you’re not sure.

Best Male Sex Toys for: Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction and it’s impacting your sex life, there are a number of male sex toys designed to help you maintain a larger, longer erection. Many sex toys such as a penis pump can help you to maintain a more durable erection – some can maintain an erection for around 30 minutes – which can be super helpful if you’re lacking in confidence. 

Toy Pick: Beginner’s Vibrating Pump, The Enhanced Male

This vibrating pump is ideal for combatting the problems of erectile dysfunction – this machine will help you get the biggest and thickest erection of your life! Simply follow the toy’s beginner-friendly instructions to better enjoy your intimacy: you’ll be harder for longer and you’ll truly feel the benefit of the confidence boost. This toy could easily function as a starter toy, allowing you to progress onto other types of penis pumps once you’ve mastered this beginner model.

Best Male Sex Toys for: Premature Ejaculation 

If you’re struggling with premature ejaculation, it can seriously impact your confidence in the bedroom. Using male sex toys designed to increase your stamina will help your endurance and help you to perform better in the bedroom.

Toy pick: Autoblow A.I. 

This male masturbator is ideal for edging and training yourself to delay your orgasm: the toy comes with an edging feature which will stop randomly during use before resuming at exactly the same speed and pattern. This is a great way to treat premature ejaculation and have better control over your orgasms.

Best Male Sex Toys for: Couples

Sex toys are great for couples’ use: not only do certain toys lift certain pressures on couples during intimacy, but they can also enhance sensations and keep things fun in your sex life.

Toy pick: Lovense Max 2 

The Lovense Max 2 is perfect for enjoying some fun time with your partner or simply enjoying a hands-free solo session. This masturbator comes with 360-degree vibrating contractions and is completely rechargeable and body-friendly for your safety and convenience. Let your partner titillate you with the toy’s remote-controller – you’ll enjoy the power transfer and enjoy some intense orgasms while you’re at it!

Best Male Sex Toys for: Sex-Toy Hesitants 

Toy pick: Liberator Sex Position Wedge

If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of using sex toys in the bedroom, we dare you to try the Liberator Sex Position Wedge with a partner. This toy appears simple: a soft, memory foam cushion-esque wedge – what could be so special about it? You simply have to try it to believe it – this cushion can help you achieve deeper penetration, achieve better positions and enjoy a more intimate sexual experience. Whether you use the Liberator wedge during missionary for better thrusting or simple during oral sex for a better view, this simple wedge will show you the potential of welcoming sex toys into the bedroom!