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If you have a friend in the military, you’ve probably come across custom military coins. These coins usually celebrate extraordinary achievements in the service, such as successful missions and promotions. Typically, they are small and lightweight, with metallic construction.

Rare military challenge coins have unique designs, depending on the organization they represent. It can be the air force, navy, or seals. In most cases, you’ll also find the organization’s motto embedded on the coin’s edges.

So, why should you own custom military challenge coins even if you’re a civilian? This article highlights the five top reasons why you should consider these coins as collectibles.

1. Custom Military Coins Are Everyday Rewards

Custom military challenge coins make great awards for extraordinary accomplishments. Besides their high value, military coins tend to attract significant honor. One might forget a ribbon award but not a military challenge coin.

Also, you can engrave a lot of details on either side of the coin. This could be the greatest way of celebrating that meaningful achievement while drawing inspiration from it.

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2. Memorials

There are various ways of remembering people or special events. The traditional options include plaques and banners. However, you can’t wear a banner or carry a plaque with you every time. Besides, they are not that durable compared to metallic coins.

Custom coast guard challenge coins make great memorials for loved ones and important events. They are small and highly portable. You can travel the world with your special memory in your pockets or chain.

3. A Great Way of Saying “Thank You”

“Thank you” is a simple gesture that improves relationships by showing positivity. However, a mere thank you note is not enough to express compassion to someone who goes above and beyond to fulfill something.

Instead, you can go for rare military challenge coins to express deep gratitude. A coin is tangible, unique, and in most cases, customized. It will go a long way in cementing that gesture of appreciation for years to come.

4. Military Coins for Weddings

On many occasions, custom military coins mark special events. Weddings just happen to be among the many special occasions. The newlyweds can include the date, venue, and even finer details of their wedding on these coins.

The bride can gift this coin to the groom’s party to show commitment and appreciation. Military challenge coins can also make a perfect gift for special guests and everyone who put in hard work to make the day successful.

5. Commemorations

At some point in life, we make big milestones that change our lives forever. You would want to treasure a well-done job for as many years as possible. Whether it’s graduation, job promotion, or first employment, a military coin is a novel gift for commemorating that special moment.

Moreover, you can include any details about the event on the coin. The more unique your commemoration coin is, the more you’ll look at it with pride and satisfaction.

Challenge Coins Are Great for Marking Any Meaningful Event

Whether it’s commemoration or marriage anniversary, custom military coins go a long way in representing the event for ages to come. Moreover, you can create these coins in any shape, depending on themes and aesthetic preferences.

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