Essential Skincare Tips

When it comes to skincare, washing the face with a face wash is not enough anymore! Your skin’s health is influenced by several factors, including your lifestyle and surroundings. It’s difficult, and there’s a lot of skincare knowledge out there!- Essential Skincare Tips

So below, we have listed a few skincare tips to help you transform into the best version of yourself! Learn more here to unlock the secret skincare tips you wish you knew earlier.- Essential Skincare Tips


Yes, it is the basics of happy, glowing skin. You start by drinking water at least one glass every hour, and you will start noticing visible changes. Although no one deliberately dehydrates themselves, it is often why our skin suffers so much. 

You can also use various artificial methods to ensure your skin’s hydration, such as hydrating sheet masks that will just take 5-7 minutes to get your skin refreshed.

Healthy Diet

It all starts in the gut; people who have oily skin and go through pimples and acne problems should know that to get rid of it permanently, their diet has to be changed. You need to include more green vegetables and stop eating anything fried if possible. 

Avoid Fragrance

This may sound irrelevant, but as per research, 65% of people like scented products or aromatic products because they get a fresh scent of a flower or the freshness of fruit, but scented products don’t help your skin. They are unnecessary and can even irritate your skin and cause breakouts.

Stop using bar soaps on your face.

If you still think bar soaps are a way to clean your face. You still have to learn more here about skin types. There is a reason skin-specific face washes are produced. You can also use a dermatologist’s prescribed face wash best suited for you, and if not, at least use a regular face wash for your skin type so that you don’t go back to using bar soaps that have detergent in them.

Right exfoliation

Exfoliation is very important, but you have to maintain a routine. You can keep exfoliating every day. That will just deprive you of your natural oils, and the skin will produce more to compensate for that. Most exfoliators are even hard on your skin, so using them daily can cause breakouts. 

Stop DIY without research.

It is one thing to use rose water, yogurt, milk, and honey. Using them is debatable, but using essential oils and citrus can cause more harm than good. Without proper research and information from your dermatologist, don’t jeopardize your skin and satisfy your curiosity.

Three-finger sunscreen rule

Most damage to our skin is caused by the sun, which can be easily avoided by using the correct sunscreen method. Sunscreen has to be part of your daily skincare. Use three fingers to apply when you are going out and two fingers when you are not but might; your skin is always protected.


Although it may be overwhelming at first, your skin will glow as it deserves to with time. Learn more about the above points to apply them in your skincare. 

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