About Bulk School Supplies

Buying multiple school supplies at one time helps you save money and effort while doing something beneficial and charitable to students in need. You can do a good deed for your local community by purchasing affordable supplies, like pencils, binders, notebooks, or pens for students of all ages in your school district. If you want to figure out how to purchase the best bulk school supplies, there are some tips and tricks you can use to ensure you are buying only high-quality materials as a gift. Just because you are buying multiple school supplies simultaneously, it doesn’t mean they have to be cheap – if you use the right online marketplace, you can find high-quality wholesale supplies at a low price. Let’s see facts you never knew about bulk school supplies that can help you make your decision.

5 facts you never knew about bulk school supplies


If you want to find an online wholesale retailer with a low price and an extensive selection, like Bags in Bulk, make sure you realize what you are looking for. For those who want to buy a wide range of supplies that can work for students of all ages, consider finding a school retailer that offers a wide selection of pencils, pens, cases, binders, notebooks, or folders.

At Bags in Bulk, we’re the premier supplier of both bulk school supplies and wholesale school supply kits, at unbeatable prices. With just one click you can ship any teacher’s wish list of items directly to their classroom or the homes of their students, and make back-to-school season a lot less stressful.



Although you may think that purchasing dozens or hundreds of pencils at one time can be costly, the price of buying school supplies in bulk is much lower than purchasing individual items at separate times. Instead of buying pencils from one location and binders from another store, you can find one wholesale retailer that offers affordable prices for all items.

For example, buying bulk pencils from an online store is cheaper than purchasing individual pens and pencils from multiple in-person stores. If you want to find the most affordable way to buy school supplies per unit, consider shopping online at a wholesale retailer to save money and time. 

Good for donations


Donating bulk school supplies is a great way to help your local community and help students in need. If you know of students who may not have the financial means to pay for their school supplies, donating bulk items can help them use the same resources as their classmates without hurting their financial standing.

If parents can not afford to give their children yearly school supplies, they should not be made to feel wrong about their financial issues. Instead, the community can help and donate supplies to help children lacking the resources to succeed in school.

Help a student’s confidence


Bulk school supplies help students feel confident and prepared while going to class. Instead of having only one pencil or one piece of paper for multiple subjects, students can use bulk school supplies to feel prepared for every single one of their subjects.

Instead of reusing items and having an unorganized backpack, students can use supplies to organize their materials, such as folders to hold their homework assignments and notebooks to house old tests and quizzes. 

You can help students fit in with their peers by providing them with enough school supplies to feel confident and prepared to go into class. Feeling prepared is one of the main ways a student can have the confidence to volunteer to answer questions or precipitate in a classroom setting. 

A child’s self-esteem is an essential part of their growing up process. Without self-esteem, it can be difficult for a child to make friends, leading to a lack of social skills and friends their own age. Having friends in your classroom is a must-have for your child to feel accepted and excited to go to school every day. 

Prevent school bullying


Although children should never bully another child for any reason, it happens in school more than we like to think. One reason kids may get bullied is by being unprepared for class and asking questions to the teacher. If you find that your students are unprepared and they lack the resources needed to complete assignments, children may bully them for being the “odd one out” in class.

Almost 20% of students aged 12-18 experienced bullying at some point in their school history. Students 12-18 who reported being bullied said that bullying influenced others’ perceptions of them, increased social influence, and was physically stronger or more extensive. 

In addition, those who bullied others had more money in 30% of cases. For those with less money to feel included, consider donating school supplies, so the family with less money does not feel guilty for not providing enough resources to their child. 

To prevent bullying from happening in your community, consider donating bulk school supplies to ensure children have the same opportunity and resources as the other students and are accepted among their peers. 

Extensive selection

If you have never bought bulk school supplies, you may think that an online wholesaler only has bland and boring options. However, online shops have an extensive selection of different resources and school materials for children of all ages.

If you are shopping for backpacks, online shops usually have different sizes, brands, and colors. This makes it easy to shop for high schoolers since they typically need a more oversized backpack with more compartments. However, an elementary school student will need a smaller pack with fewer compartments, making it more suitable for a child’s body.

Furthermore, binders and notebooks come in various sizes and colors, making them usable for multiple subjects. This way, students can organize their notes and assignments according to color. In addition, students in high school may need more oversized binders, whereas students in middle school may not need to hold as many papers in their notebooks or binders. 


Having the versatility and various options makes online stores a good choice for purchasing wholesale school supplies. When shopping for school supplies online, like at Bags in Bulk, consider getting a range of items that can work for students of various ages or with different styles.