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Do you know a student who struggles with math? Research shows that students in the United States either don’t learn math at all or learn it in a way that prevents knowledge retention and practical application.

While a lot of the issues presented in the research above are ultimately down to curriculum and funding issues, there are ways for students to sharpen their skills at home.

To help you get started, we’ve listed five of our favorite math resources below. Make sure to keep reading to discover your new favorite.

1. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha has helped students for years. So it’s no surprise that it remains the top resource for math homework help.

If you’ve yet to try WolframAlpha, you’re in for a treat. While other programs will show you a solution and maybe explain a bit about the mathematical procedures used, WolframAlpha takes a step-by-step approach.

As a result, students gain a better understanding of where they went wrong, while teachers can use these same tools to adjust their lesson plans.

2. MathDoku

Math is many things, but fun isn’t one of them. MathDoku looks to solve this issue by gamifying the learning process, turning math problems into a fun sudoku-based puzzle.

Users can choose their difficulty, read tutorials, and more.

It isn’t the most in-depth resource on this list, nor is it the best. But for students looking to sharpen their math skills in a fun way, it’s hard to argue that MathDoku is anything but a success.

3. iCalculator

Graphing calculators can get expensive. Rest assured, iCalculator has you covered.

The site features calculators for 2D and 3D shapes, statistics, volumes, and more.

To see an example of how fully-featured iCalculator’s options are, check out this Gradient Calculator. It’s intuitive and features a simple and clean design that won’t leave students distracted or confused.

4. Corbettmaths

Corbettmaths isn’t nearly as feature-rich as something like WolframAlpha. But what it does have is a vast library of video tutorials, online worksheets, practice tests, and more.

What’s really cool about Corbettmaths, though, is that it features daily practice problems and puzzles (or ‘conundrums’ as the site lovingly calls them).

It’s easy to lose math-based knowledge when you’re not using it often. Corbettmaths “5-a-day” offerings are fast enough that they won’t take up much time but thorough enough that students will have to think through them. Plus, they upload resources for students of all grade levels, making it a one-stop-shop for math help.

5. MobyMax

MobyMax takes an individual approach to help students learn. Upon signing up, students take a competency test to assess their grade-level parity. The software then takes the test results and creates an individualized program based on the areas that need work.

It’s like having a private tutor from the comfort of your home!

Using MobyMax is free, for the most part. For more personalized content, you may have to pay a few dollars, but it’s well worth the asking price.

Use These Math Resources to Improve Your Skills

Each of the math resources listed above is either free or has free functionality. Without a price barrier, nothing stands in the way of better math skills!

For more math help or educational resources, check out the rest of our blog!

By Sambit