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If you have a friend or loved one who needs help to live independently or is aging, seeking home-based medical care services is a great way to manage their health complications. Therapists, aides and nurses can offer home care services on a long or short-term basis depending on an individual’s needs. Home visits by healthcare specialists can also help avoid unnecessary hospitalization and ensure better recovery after an injury or illness. This article gives you an outline guide of a few medical services you can avail in your home. Here is caregiver resources.

Speech, Occupational & Physical Therapy

As a result of illness, injury or sickness, some individuals may require assistance to relearn motor skills. When you seek the services of a home doctor in Brisbane for speech, occupational and physical therapy, you and your loved one can benefit from different services, especially after surgery or illness. For instance, with the help of a physical therapist, you’ll realize benefits like an increase in strength and mobility.

You’ll also be taken through walking technique training which will help improve your endurance. If you require occupational therapy, there are various health hazards that a specialist can help you identify. The services of an occupational therapist are also crucial in assisting patients to perform their daily self-care. In cases where you may have impaired speech, especially after a stroke, regular sessions with a speech therapist can help improve your ability to speak and even swallow. Our therapists from Better Speech can help patients who suffered from stroke recover from language impairment as quickly as possible

Dressing and Managing Acute and Chronic Wounds

Home call doctors have specialized training in dealing with different types of wounds. So, whether you have a non-healing or chronic wound and infection, you can count on their expertise to help faster healing. Such professionals can also be helpful if you develop immobility compression sores, especially when you have difficulties moving around or are bed-bound. This can happen if you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to make it to a doctor’s appointment, necessitating home-based care.

Home Health Aide Services

When you’re living with a senior who is unable to perform simple tasks on their own, seeking home health aide services is essential. This is because they can offer personalized care assistance, which includes helping the elderly bathe or transferring them to a wheelchair. Such professionals can also help seniors perform a different range of motion exercises if prescribed by a physician. Additionally, they can move and position the elderly who are bed-ridden using a draw sheet, which helps prevent skin breakdown and bedsores.

These caregivers will also ensure that their patients take medication as recommended, particularly those who feel overwhelmed by the number of medicines they have to take.

Eye Care Services

If you want to avoid the long queues at the optometry clinic when you need an eye test, consider seeking a house call service. Optometrists can avail of state-of-the-art equipment in your home, making it easier for you to receive the vision care you require. They’ll test for different eye conditions like detached retinas, muscular degeneration, and glaucoma during your home visits. While performing the eye exam, they’ll also evaluate the condition and health of your blood vessels.

Suppose you have a medical condition like diabetes, and you have begun to develop vision problems. In that case, they’ll perform an eye exam and advise you on better ways to manage your blood pressure and blood sugar levels to avoid loss of sight.

Palliative Care Services

When your loved one is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness or debilitating disease that may cause many complications, you can seek palliative care to help address your healthcare concerns. This type of care is mainly provided to patients with chronic illnesses experiencing a reduced quality of life, such as chemotherapy, oxygen therapy and renal dialysis.

Palliative care can also help manage symptoms of chronic illnesses such as weight loss, shortness of breath, weakness and nausea.

Final Thoughts

If you or your loved one has a chronic illness or other condition that requires home=based care, you should ensure that they receive such services in the shortest time possible. If you need specialized treatment and the clinic or hospital that attends to your illness is far away, you can have medical professionals attend to your health concern. The services highlighted in this guide are a few you can avail in your home to ease your medical condition.


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