It doesn’t have to be April Fool’s Day to play a prank on your best buds or coworkers.

If you’ve had a lot of pranks like the classic prank calls that have fallen flat, these practical jokes are for you. They’re easy to execute, don’t require spending a lot of money, and aren’t overly time-consuming.

The joke doesn’t have to be complicated to deliver the wanted effect. In fact, sometimes it’s the simpler pranks that are the most effective because your victim never sees them coming.

Soon, you could be the spectator to many screams and laughs from your practical jokes. All you have to do is follow this guide to learn a few of the most classic pranks you need to play.

1. Duct Tape Faucet

To create a splash zone in the kitchen or bathroom, simply cover the faucet with some duct tape. Leave a small opening near the front to ensure your prank victim gets covered in water when they turn the faucet on.

2. Fake Cake

If you want to add a few extra laughs to your friend’s birthday celebration, bring a fake cake.

You can use a circular car-washing sponge or some craft foam to create the base of your cake. Then, decorate it with frosting, sprinkles, and any other accents to make it look like a real cake.

Set it out on the table with other desserts at your friend’s party, then try to hold in your giggles as they struggle to cut a slice of cake.

3. Saran Wrap Toilet

For those pranksters who don’t mind causing a mess, covering the toilet bowl in saran wrap is a classic joke to play on anyone in your household (or at the office, as long as you don’t get fired).

Make sure the saran wrap is tight so the next user can’t see it when they go to pee.

If bathroom pranks are up your alley, you should also check out the Real Whizzinator XXX to create more drama and laughs among your friends and family.

4. Snake Attack

Tie a plastic snake to some fishing line and hide it in a cabinet or behind a door. You can set the fishing line up to pull the snake when the door opens, and the snake will jump out at your prank victim.

Or, you can set it up so you can control the line. You can drag the snake across the floor, and even have it chase an unsuspecting friend across the room.

5. Caramel Onions

Another simple, but hilarious practical joke is to make pseudo caramel apples. Instead of apples, use onions.

You can dye them red, and then coat them in caramel, including sprinkles and other decorations if you’d like. Push the stick into the center, and you have fake candy apples to hand out to whoever is willing to take a big bite.

Essential Practical Jokes

Playing practical jokes can be fun no matter how old you are. Make sure to select the time and place carefully, and then let the prank do the rest of the work.

When you’ve finished belly laughing from pranking your friends, check out more quality tips for your life and beyond on our site.

By Sambit