A Hair Transplant

Both women and men can suffer from hair loss and it can be caused by many different factors, the main ones are age, genes, stress, deficiencies and environmental factors. If you have tried everything under the sun to prevent your hair from falling out but nothing seems to be working, it might be time to get a hair transplant to solve the problem. Hair transplants aren’t for everyone but if you are willing to consider getting one, there are some of the signs it’s the right time to go for it…

  • You are over the age of 25 and starting to go bald 

Most people don’t get a hair transplant if they’re under the age over 25, but if you are over this age and starting to get bald patches or thinning hair, it might be worth getting a hair transplant. There are many surgeons that offer transplants but the best ones are hair transplants in Turkey, they’re usually offered at a reasonable price. You will need to travel for the transplant but it will be very worth it when you see the results. Some patients even spend some time enjoying Turkey before they get the transplant and make it into a holiday. So, if you are over 25 and your hair won’t stop thinning, you can consider getting a transplant in Istanbul or other cities in Turkey. 

  • Hair loss runs in your family so you know it’s inevitable 

If you are sure hair loss isn’t down to medication or stress related reasons and you know hair loss runs in your family, it’s likely you won’t be able to combat the issue. It’s something inevitable you will have to face and if you don’t want hair thinning to show, the sooner you get the transplant, the better. Take a look at older members of your family and see if they’re bald, you can also ask them when they started losing their hair. Hair loss is very common to be passed down in families. 

  • You have done everything you can to try to stop the hair loss

If you have done absolutely everything you can to try and prevent hair loss, you know a transplant might be the right option for you. Some people make lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, introducing more nutrients into their diet, and practicing relaxation techniques to combat stress, that might be the factor leading to the hair loss. If you have done all of these and nothing is stopping the hair loss, it’s likely down to your age or genetics unfortunately. 

  • Nothing will make you feel comfortable with your thinning hair

For those who have tried to pull off their thinning hair and know they don’t feel comfortable with it, even with a hat on or a new style, it could be time to get a transplant. No matter how hard you try to get used to your thinning hair or your balding head, if you just can’t get used to it, it’s probably time to take action instead of complaining. There is nothing worse than feeling negative about your appearance.  

  • You can’t stop thinking about how your hair looks and it’s starting to affect your life

Perhaps you have been to therapy and talked about how your hair loss is affecting you and even this isn’t helping you to feel better. There is no harm in solving the problem and going for it when it comes to a hair transplant, the procedure is pretty fast and it’s mostly the aftercare you will need to focus on. Your surgeon will give you set instructions to follow and it is pretty straightforward, but there is nothing stopping you researching this before the operation too. 

Now that you know some of the reasons that make it the right time to get a hair transplant, nobody but you will know when is the right time to say yes to getting a transplant. If you are experiencing a majority of the signs above, it might be an appropriate time to book in that transplant and travel to Turkey to get started. Luckily, hair transplants will usually last a lifetime, so you will only need to do the procedure once in your whole life.