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There is so much pressure that comes about when a student is in college these days. College students are juggling between casual contracts, their lessons, and classroom assignments. Some are stressed about their future and are always looking for ways to move up the ladder. Up until a student can fully comprehend the layout and approach that is required and the right procedure when writing essays, a student cannot become a good essay writer. Here are the solutions to stop stress when writing essays.

A study was conducted, and it showed that 80% of learners experience some sort of stress while in school. When a student is experiencing some level of stress, there will be some noticeable signs such as not being able to concentrate in reading or unable to finish their assignments on time, some may experience what is known as writer’s block.

Definition of a writer’s block

Sometimes a writer might experience an inability to create new content or to go through a period where they lack the inspiration to write. This is known as writer’s block. When a student is overwhelmed with a lot of writing assignments, they can experience a writer’s block. 

There are various general causes of stress among college students when writing an essay. These include postponing the task, beginning without making a plan, having too many people helping you out, assuming another person’s opinion, being fixated with creativity, reading someone else’s essays among others. Below are 5 solutions to stop stress when writing essays:

Let it remain schoolwork

Almost all students have at one point been assigned a writing part as a project. You will find that it is easier to write with your fellow writers than writing at home. At school, you have a professional who will guide you as you write as well as a group of writers who will come in handy. 

The professor can guide you step-by-step, explain what is required of the assignment, and monitor the development of the project. The student can share ideas with the group of writers, which does not only increase the level of confidence but also acts as a support system. The professor should always pledge to hold the student’s hand throughout the project. 

Selection of topics should be done by the student

The best way to help a student is to let them choose an essay topic they are comfortable with. This can greatly lessen stress levels as they will be writing about something they know about or are good at. Assigning a descriptive essay is also another way to make students feel less pressure, as they would be describing an event or location at length that sticks out. 

An essay that is based on research is another way of allowing the students to dig deeper into topics they enjoy. Students will readily agree when given a chance to select a topic. When they are assigned a topic later, there will be an increase in confidence levels as they will be going through the same process again. 

Encourage regular interactions in writer’s groups

After letting the students choose their topic, allow them to seek opinions and get reactions from other students, either in a small group or a study partner. Write down questions that you would like the learners to answer. For example, what is your reaction to the writing (is it appealing or not)? Which section appeals to you the most and makes you more curious about the rest of the writing? What can be done to make it more appealing to you? 

Another way of getting feedback from peers is by allowing students to read a section or the concluding statement of each other and to note their reactions either on the sideline or use sticky notes to write comments. This process will inspire the students to build up their writing, and the learners will be supporting each other.

Demonstrate learner’s achievements

Compliments go a long way in helping writers. When used as an illustration, a great writer can be used as a model for stressed writers. A great way of demonstrating this is as the students are busy writing their essays, the professor should walk around the class and when he spots a well-written essay, he should complement the student on the spot. Point out the exact passage that has been well written and ask the student to read it out aloud. 

Other students will check on their essays to see if they are on the right track and make corrections immediately. Some students will ask the professor to check if they are on the right track and a mindset of “I can” starts to be adopted in class. 

Use advisor’s scripts

Another way of helping students when they are stressed about writing essays is by showing the advisor’s scripts on your writing board after outlining the instructions for the essay. Showing them how an essay should look like in the end, and asking them what caught their eye right off the bat. This can be turned into a group discussion. When read out aloud, students can picture the framework, how long it will be, and how the ideas would be organized to uphold the thesis.

Allow the students to have a look at the advisor’s script at the drafting stage, so they can go over it in their smaller groups. They can put the script into different sections highlighting different sections with different colors such as what is most appealing, thesis, subject, and supportive facts. They can also check the semantics and how to change ideas. 

Managing stress when writing essays does not only lead you to write good essays, but it will also make you be in good health. Since writer’s block can occur at any time, making the writer unable to complete assignments on time, the first thing to do is not panic. Instead, inhale and exhale slowly and follow the steps outlined above to overcome this hurdle. If none of these helps, a professional academic writer can always contract a cheap essay writer service to get the job done online. 






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