Now the warmer weather has arrived and many countries around the world are experiencing their hottest summer on record, it is natural to start thinking about vacations. 2022 is set to be one of the hottest years in recorded history, making many destinations suitable for some sun, sea, and sand. Most of us will have spent most of the year juggling an ever-increasing set of tasks in our working worlds and relish the opportunity of jetting off to a far-flung destination to enjoy two weeks of pleasure and relaxation. If you are struggling for a suitable idea on where to go for your summer vacation this article will be of great interest to you. In it there are five distinct holiday destinations that offer a mix of relaxation, excitement, and superb natural beauty. 

For thrill seekers

If the idea of sitting by a pool soaking up the sun for two weeks is too restrained and relaxed for you then why not consider something more exciting? Today more than 50 million Americans visit a casino every year for thrills and to test their luck at games such as roulette and on slot machines. Some modern casinos are now fully fledged holiday resorts, making them the ideal destination for holiday makers who want to combine relaxation with exhilaration. For example, San Diego resorts offer a luxurious casino experience along with several other notable features. Relaxation is fully catered for with a range of spas, pools and cabanas. Guests can dine in style in some high-quality restaurants on site or just relax with a well-earned drink at the range of bars. When the mood suits, guests can enjoy all the fun and excitement of a high-end luxury casino and feel the thrill of playing for real money at a wide range of casino games. 

For astounding beauty

One destination that is not often considered for a summer vacation is Iceland. This is because many tourists tend to visit in the months from September to April to have a chance in viewing the ethereal cosmic beauty of the northern lights. If you are prepared to forgo this opportunity you will find that Iceland is far less busy in the summer months and relatively tourist free. This can make for a much more authentic experience whilst still offering a range of enjoyable activities to undertake. Visiting the capital Reykjavik is a must as it is a city boasting some superb architecture such as the Hallgrímskirkja church in the center of the city – which is a jaw dropping example of fabricated beauty. In addition, some of Reykjavik’s restaurants offer world class cuisine and there are several Michelin starred restaurants in the city, most notably Fiskmarkadurinn which is a must visit for seafood lovers. Finish off your tour of this beautiful country by undertaking the golden triangle day trip. This will take you to natural erupting geysers, a geothermally heated outdoor pool boasting silicone based sand and rugged mountain terrain that formed some of the backdrop for filming the hit TV series “Game of Thrones.”  

For a taste of British life

If you are a fan of British culture, London is a perfect vacation destination and is one of the world’s most popular places for tourism boasting over 30 million tourists a year. Whilst you will not necessarily be guaranteed two weeks of hot weather, temperatures in London tend to be higher than most parts of England. However, most people visit London for the attractions and sights on offer rather than the weather. Popular sites include the tower of London, the London Eye (which offers a fantastic view of the river Thames and the surrounding parts of the city) and a wealth of free art galleries and museums such as the Tate Modern and the natural history museum.

For romantics  

No list of vacation destinations would be complete without mentioning the world’s capital of love and romance, Paris. Like London, Paris boasts a huge range of stunning architectural feats and tourist attractions. Clearly the Eiffel tower is a huge tourist attraction and the view from the top is simply astounding. In addition, the Louvre Museum boasts some of the world’s greatest works of art, the arc de’ triomphe makes for a perfect holiday photo and the gardens of Versailles offer outstanding natural beauty. Put simply, take your loved one to Paris and you will almost certainly be guaranteed a vacation filled with romance and good times.

For scuba diving fans

If you are in the mood for a far-flung destination where you can see some of the wonders of the natural world underwater, then consider the Maldives. This isolated paradise comprises one thousand small islands and is scuba diving heaven. For beginner divers you will be able to hire an experienced instructor who will be able to get your diving skills to the level of being fully PADI certified. This will give you the skills and knowledge to explore the underwater majesty of these islands with confidence. Fully experienced divers will have an immense range of coral reefs to explore and can charter boats to some of the best and most beautiful underwater locations.