As most preppers know, there are a lot of different ways that society could collapse.

If 2020 is any indication of the future, it’s not unreasonable to be prepared for just about anything.

Are you wondering what the essential things you need on your preppers list?

Let’s take a look at five tools that all practical preppers won’t want to live without.

1. Water Filter and Purification System

Humans can only survive without water for about three days.

Having potable water is essential in any scenario. Make sure you have water jugs to hold water as well as a means to filter and purify water for drinking and other uses.

2. Fixed Blade Knife

When you’re skilled, there’s little you can’t do with a good knife. Having a fixed blade knife will come in handy perhaps more than you could ever imagine.

3. First Aid Kits and Medication

In a SHTF scenario, there aren’t any express clinics to stop by. You’ll need to take care of the medical needs of you and your family on your own.

Make sure you have a first aid kit stocked with all the possible supplies you might need. If you or anyone in your family regularly takes medication, you’ll want to have a backstock in case of emergency.

4. Self Defense Supplies

What you have in terms of self-defense supplies is up to each individual. If you’re worried about society collapsing, however, it’s smart to have some means of defending yourself and your family.

5. Fire Starting Supplies

There are a lot of different ways to start a fire, but you’ll want to have some essential supplies on hand to make sure you can reliably start a fire at any time. Keeping lighters, matches, char cloth, oil-soaked cotton balls, and more on hand can be a lifesaver.

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Bonus Tips: Additional Prepper Items You’ll Want On Hand

On top of the items mentioned above, you’ll also want a few more essential items:

  • Bug out or go bag
  • Cordage
  • Multi purposes supplies
  • Every day carry items
  • Footwear and socks
  • Survival Guides
  • Cash

Many doomsday preppers will have a much bigger supply than this simple list. If you’re just trying to have some essentials on hand, though, this is a good place to start.

This Preppers Checklist Will Leave You Prepared For Anything

We live in uncertain times, and there are few people who haven’t imagined what would happen if everything started to fall apart. Whether it’s an EMP attack, natural disaster, civil unrest, or any other scenario on the long list of ways things fall apart, it’s best to be prepared ahead of time.

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By Sambit