Some people dream of fancy cars and a mansion in a beautiful neighbourhood. Others tend to daydream about owning a boat and cruising on a lake in the hot summer sun. If you’re like us, you probably know what an ideal life looks like. It starts with a good gaming space to spend hours of free time.

First, you need to solve the million-dollar question any seasoned gamer asks himself at some point in his life: will it be a space dedicated to a gaming console, or will it be a computer with a powerful CPU and several screens?

Granted, you can have both, but some of us have to make a choice. Once that choice is made, it is up to you to customise your gaming space with your budget and ideas. Here are five important things to consider when creating the perfect gaming lair.

Invest In Ergonomic Furniture

There are many gaming styles. Some of us are into casual gaming, jackpot slots and other casino games, and some are into time-consuming RPGs and MMORPG games. We all need a good gaming chair, an adjustable desk and other commodities such as a gaming mouse.

Investing in the best type of furniture is essential to prevent physical issues such as back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. These diseases do not happen overnight, but many can be prevented by good posture and attention to detail. Remember that a good gaming chair doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Your health, on the other end, is priceless.

Good Lightning Can Increase Focus

New trends are bringing all different types of lightning, shades and colours. You can make your gaming space look like the inside of a spaceship with a few LED lights. You can also make it look like a cosy place with warm colours such as Yellow or nice shades of red.

Gamers are known to stay on their gaming station for long hours. Do your eyes and brain a favour and get sunlight into the room anytime. Having a small lightbulb for night time is essential, as the screen’s effects can damage your sleep quality and focus.

Avoid Clutter, and Clean the Place Often

Let’s face it: we all have been guilty of laziness at least once, and the same applies to gamers. However, it’s best practice to try and clean your place at least once a week to avoid tripping on cable or other pricey equipment. Residues of food need to be taken away after use. It’s even better if you don’t get to eat in front of your gaming space, as it can attract rodents over time.

The place doesn’t have to be spotless like the gaming setup we see on ads and social media, but the feeling of sitting in front of a nice clean desk to enjoy hours of the game is something every gamer appreciates.

Find A Theme And Stick To It

Finding a theme sounds easy. If you’re a Nintendo fan, you can cover the wall with Mario collectables and posters. Same if you’re into the best anime and other forms of Japanese entertainment. 

Remember, less is more when it comes to decoration. Many gamers put their collectables on a shelf near the gaming station. You are a gamer, not a hoarder, and finding a theme doesn’t mean your gaming space should look like a theme park. You can ignore this recommendation if you are into some fandom.

Add Some Personal Items to Your Gaming Station

Your gaming space is a temple dedicated to the joy of virtual entertainment, but you can still add a personal touch. Consider a few pictures of your loved ones near your setup, maybe a souvenir from a country you’ve visited or even a picture of some trophy you earned during your last gaming competition.

To keep the air clean, buy a few grass plants that don’t require much maintenance. Plants will positively impact the air and make the place look more human. 

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