Ways Show Creativity work

Working in a cubicle or office doesn’t have to be boring. For the last several months, you may have been staring at blank walls. Your desk only has the essentials on it. And your floor needs some eye-catching furniture. Here are Few Ways to Show Off Your Creativity at Work.

While minimizing clutter is a good thing, you can still be creative! It’s time to kick it into high gear and make changes to your office to transform your workspace. 

Decorating and showing off your creativity will make you more productive. An office that feels like home will make you relax and get more done. And it’ll spark positive conversations when other employees enter your office! 

Follow these five ideas to infuse your creativity and establish a well-decorated space.

1. Add Some Personality to Your Laptop & Accessories

Even though laptops are designed to be functional, it’s fun to add some color and personality to them. How do you go about making your laptop and accessories “pop”? 

Here are some fun ideas: 

As you can see, there are sorts of accessories you can use to jazz up your laptop. Besides making your computer look pretty, some accessories have a dual purpose. 

Laptop skins, for example, add protection to your computer. If you tend to move your laptop around, it may get scratched. But if there’s skin wrapped around it, you’ll prevent potential damage. Selecting a laptop skin that’ll complement your computer is one of many ways to improve its design!

2. Bring in Extra Light and Style With a Trendy Lamp

Office lighting isn’t always the best, and depending on where your office is; you may not get a lot of natural light. 

Add a lamp for extra light and the perfect amount of style in your space! Not just any lamp will do, though. 

There are all sorts of lamps that may suit your fancy. Glamming up your office with a cone table lamp will undoubtedly make a statement. An exciting lamp like this will be an instant conversation starter! 

3. Add New Books and Journals to Your Shelf

You may have books in your office related to your industry, which is excellent. But not every book in your space has to pertain to your career. Place a few books in a different genre that interest you on a few shelves. A few examples are science fiction and autobiographies. 

Also, put some journals on a shelf. They’re great for taking notes and look nice as a decoration as well—Polish things off with a one-of-a-kind bookend. If you’re looking for something sturdy and modern, then white marble bookends would look nice. 

4. Integrate Brand Colors in Your Office 

If you’re proud of your company (you should be!), then use company colors in your workspace. Incorporating brand colors will make you feel more connected to your business. And whoever comes to see you in your office will soak up your happy company vibes! 

Think outside the box and use company colors to showcase other company themes. One idea is to use your mission statement to create unique artwork. Imagine how cool three canvas prints would look on the wall. You could have a different line of the mission statement on each one! 

5. Strategically Place Unique Furniture

You don’t have to stick to the same drab office furniture everyone else does. Assuming your company is alright with it, add a few unique pieces of furniture instead! 

If there’s enough room, a chaise lounge is a relaxing yet stylish piece of furniture that’ll steal the show. Imagine how comfy it’d be to read on the chaise lounge during your lunch break.

Depending on the theme you’re going for, you can also swap out your office desk for a more modern one. 

Now all that’s left is to arrange the furniture. Make the most out of your space, and you’ll be pleased with how everything comes together. 


It’s crazy to think that we spend a third of our life at work. Due to that reason alone, wouldn’t it be nice to have a space that feels like home? Show off your creativity at work, and you’ll be more social, creative, and productive. 

So take the time to make some artistic changes. Even minor improvements can positively impact how you think and feel. 

Get to work — you’ll love the outcome!

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