New Courier Service Provider

Clients are expecting a reliable service from their courier provider. However, if they seem to be having issues, it is probably time to find a new one. There are some indicators that it is time for a courier switch. This blog is about the 6 Indicators That You Need A New Courier Service Provider. Here are a few of the indicators:

1) While courier quotes seem reasonable, the actual price turns out to be more.

Courier companies often provide quotes on their website before engaging their services. While they may seem like reasonable rates at first, there can be hidden fees and surcharges added to the final bill. If this happens, it is often time to switch courier companies. When you’re looking for a courier service provider, always see to it that you compare quotes from different providers to avoid problems.

2) There are unexplained delays in delivery.

Delays when sending goods across the world is an unfortunate part of the courier business. However, when delays happen for no reason or time after time, it can be costly for your business. If you think that the unexplained delays are not being addressed properly, this is already a red flag. 

Try to reach out to your courier provider and request a credit if they keep delaying your shipments. If not, you can find a more reliable taxi truck courier Sydney or your city has that is ready to take on the job for you.

3) Customs clearance has become difficult or impossible with the courier service provider.

Custom clearances involve many rules and regulations – even more when shipping internationally. If your provider is unable to comply with the documentation required, it is time to find a new one. This does not only include customs clearance but also in general communication when sending shipments all around the world. You want your courier provider to be able to communicate clearly with you about any problems that may happen in advance so that you can help resolve them.

4) The courier service makes frequent mistakes.

Another sign that it is time to find a new provider who will do better work is when the courier company makes frequent mistakes. These can range from damaged items or late deliveries. Another mistake that they may make is sending your parcel to the wrong address. This leads to the courier company having to re-deliver the item, which is an inconvenience for both parties.

5) The courier service is slow and unreliable when it comes to delivering time-critical items.

Time-sensitive deliveries require a courier provider who can deliver on time every time. This may be items such as perishable goods and even legal documents that need to be sent immediately or even courier deliveries overseas. If the courier company is unreliable, try one that excels in time-critical deliveries like Bonds Transport Group in Australia or one near you.

6) You know of another courier company that does better work.

This is the most obvious sign that it may be time to switch courier companies. If the courier you are currently using does not provide a good service and other courier companies do, then it may be time to switch. 

There is always an alternative courier company available who can provide a more dependable courier service, as well as a type of service you need such as a Sydney 3PL warehousing, if you are located in the city. If you are outside Australia or aren’t much familiar with your area, a quick Google search should help you find a reliable courier near your location.

Above are just some of the common signs that will give you a nudge to get a new courier service provider.