There is an increasing craze to take and post selfies these days. You need to get adept at taking your pictures without anyone else’s help unless you usually shoot selfies at home. You will find the answer to the question, of how to take a good picture of yourself, here. Some important tips to take good selfies and the best photographs of yourself are discussed below:

How to take a good picture of yourself?

Maintain maximum distance from the subject as possible while holding the camera.

The best selfies include as much of the scene as possible, which can be challenging to achieve with a large phone. Holding your phone too close will cause a fisheye effect.  When holding your arm out for a photo, try not to turn your head away from the camera. This stance makes you look extremely odd in your selfie, even though it may feel strange to refrain from doing so.  Selfie sticks may be the target of ridicule, but they improve photo quality. A selfie stick is useful when you need to extend your arm further than usual to get the perfect shot.

Keep the camera above your head.

The blurring face and deformed chin are two features no one desires. To make your face look more alert, lean back. Get a picture of yourself from above your head. Almost everyone would look great from that perspective, and you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone getting a good look at your nose hairs, which is always a plus. You can consider this as an answer to how to take a good picture of yourself.

Make sure you have adequate illumination.

The light source is your ally. It’s the single most significant thing you can do to improve the quality of your self-portraits, even more so than your choice of makeup or attire. Dimmer light is preferable. However, there is little you can do about the sun when you’re outside. In that scenario, you should seek out some shade from a nearby tree and take your picture there. Take pictures when the sun is low in the sky, such as first thing in the morning or late in the day.

To get the best results while shooting portraits indoors, natural light should be used wherever possible. What you don’t want is a dark room or harsh fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting will reveal every wrinkle on your face, whereas dim lighting will cover your natural beauty. Instead of using flash, try taking the picture with the window open and with natural light.

Make sure you’re facing the light, whether you’re inside or out. Putting your phone’s flash to use is strictly forbidden. Trust us, we know you want to do this, but Flash will make you seem pale and give you red demon eyes.

Look into the Camera

If you plan on making use of your phone’s front-facing camera, you really must do this. To be fair, it is difficult to avoid doing so when taking a selfie, but doing so gives a strange impression to onlookers. Instead of staring directly into the lens, your gaze will be drawn to the photo’s background, making you appear more distant and uninterested. You should feel free to examine yourself as thoroughly as you like before taking a photo. But before you snap that selfie, study the lens to make sure you’re ready to go. This can be the most common answer to how to take a good picture of yourself.


Your natural smile may be fantastic, but photos rarely do justice to its brilliance. Because you don’t have to grin, many people prefer taking serious or erotic selfies.

Before taking a selfie, perfect your “natural” smile. Have a good time with it so that your grin shows in your eyes. If it doesn’t work, squint your eyes to make them appear less open than they are. You might also alter your grin in post-production.

how to take a good picture of yourself

Repetition is the key to success

The ability to achieve a genuine grin in front of the camera is honed via repeated practice. Your stances and angles need to be just as sharp. Everyone has their signature or go-to posture. If you want to avoid taking the same boring picture of yourself over and over again, it’s important to switch things up.

Make use of a tripod

Even while they may appear unnecessary for a casual “selfie,” tripods are an absolute must if you plan on making your self-portrait look professional. We advise using a Bluetooth remote, which is included with most tripods.

If you want to take self-portraits with your phone or camera, a tripod is a must-have accessory. You can get one that will do the job just as well for less money if you shop online. Choose one that can be folded up and adjusted in height so it can be carried around easily. This will allow you to use any camera you have in the best possible way, capture the shots you want, and frame the shot to include everything you want. Your search for how to take a good picture of yourself will be over with this.

Polish your photograph to perfection.

Composition is essential for any photograph, whether it is a formal portrait or a selfie taken with an iPhone. Think of the angle of the picture you want to capture first. Then, arrange the photo’s composition so the focal points correspond to the lines you’ve drawn. This is the best answer to how to take a good picture of yourself.

Final Words

We have seen above some important tips to take picture of yourself. It is important to use a tripod to take self-portraits with your smartphone. Utilize the built-in timer function of your phone’s camera app. Give yourself plenty of time, though. To look your best in your portrait, you’ll need a few seconds to set up and practice your pose before the shutter clicks. You may have got the answer to the question, of how to take a good picture of yourself.

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