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A sophisticated and flawless web design provides a magnificent online user experience, significantly growing conversions and sales. Obsolete and messy websites don’t have a place in modern web design. Your business will be validated as clean, authentic, and professional with an effective web design. With the help of a website design and maintenance agency, you can have an attractive web design that creates visual appeal. In addition, you can implement practical SEO techniques for better search engine rankings. While there’s a wide array of design elements to pick from, the following are indispensable:

Easy-to-Navigate Design

User experience is the first thing that should guide you when designing your website. If you provide value to your visitors, they will come back for more, and Google will notice and reward you with a better ranking. While boosting your rankings is crucial, invest in organic traffic initially to keep your site relevant for longer. A user-friendly design should have the following:

  • A clean page layout highlighting the main parts of your website.
  • Simple home page.
  • A visually appealing design.

Easily Accessible via Mobile Devices

Modern business deals today take place more on mobile devices than on other traditional platforms such as laptops and desktop computers. Mobile responsiveness can’t be stressed enough, considering that most people spend significant time every day browsing online. A mobile-devices responsive site keeps the user engaged for longer, increasing the likelihood of making a purchase.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is a crucial component of successful online businesses, which most shelf-off for later. It shouldn’t be so. With a sea of websites already up and running, you must find practical strategies for your business to remain relevant and competitive. A highly SEO-optimized site is typically designed to allow search engines to move effortlessly through the site. While some parts of SEO optimization can be technical, you can accomplish the rest effortlessly, such as adding relevant Metadata, heading, and title tags in your content. For the more technical aspects of your web design Atlanta professionals can help.


In today’s world, internet users are used to receiving data promptly. The first impression your audience will have when they visit your site is how long it takes for a page to load. Research shows that if your website takes too long to load, it’s most likely that 75% of potential clients will leave your site and never return. To ensure your site is speed-friendly, do the following:

  • Ensure you use optimized photos no matter the size
  • Compress your files to open faster
  • Choose effective hosting options with a worthwhile server

Engaging Content

Engaging and up-to-date content will encourage your audience to stay on your site. Crafting content that establishes you as an expert in your field helps to build trust with your audience. It also keeps visitors coming back for more and eventually converts them into clients. Great content provides valuable information and entertainment. Ensure that your content is easily legible and can be scanned with ease.

Clean Design with Lots of White Space

White space refers to the empty part around your content or pages. Your website needs to breathe. Refrain from overcrowding it with too much content. If your site looks messy, visitors will most likely pass you off as another wannabe and move on to more organized sites. It’s crucial to note that visitors make up their minds within milliseconds on whether they will stay or leave your site, based on the appearance. Adopt a minimalistic style that allows your audience to go through your site with ease.

Valuable Calls to Action

Once you’ve set up your site and filled it with great content for your target audience, you’ll need to convert those visitors into customers. In summary, websites are intended to connect businesses with people interested in their products and services. With a loyal audience, you must employ effective strategies to ensure you retain them as you attract new ones.

CTAs should be strategically smartly placed in your pages so as not to annoy the visitor. An attractive call-to-action can help you collect contact information of your target audience, which hopefully can help you convert those leads into faithful customers. Include CTAs in your homepage, resources page, sidebars, etc.

Visit a few websites and notice how these elements play a huge role in making them greatly attractive and efficient. When shopping for a functional web design, use these elements as a guide to build a creative and winning site. At Zgraph, our Atlanta Web Design team is dedicated to building great websites that benefit the business.

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