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Digital marketing is perhaps the most effective marketing medium in this day and age. However, its effectiveness still depends on who handles this task. As a result, it is strongly advised that businesses and individuals cease trying to figure out Search Engine Optimization and other aspects of digital marketing on their own.

Rather than doing this, top-notch locally based SEO companies should be employed for this reason. In the spirit of ensuring that businesses and individuals in Chicago have this task handed over to top-notch locally-based companies, this article reviews some of the top-notch options in and near the city – Chicago, Illinois.

1. Chicago SEO Scholar

Chicago SEO Scholar

Some agencies would pass as among the best SEO agencies in Chicago. But taking it a step further, there is the best even amongst the best. In all fairness, Chicago SEO Scholar is in a league of its own. This stance is down to a very long list of remarkable things about this company.

For starters, its internal policies may be unconventional but in the best interests of clients. For instance, it is unusual for agencies in this line of business to turn down some prospective clients and recommend trusted partners to them.

This is something that this company has been known to do. The reason is not because it is not interested in working with such clients. Rather, it is so that they can have enough time and hands to focus on clients that they are currently working with. This proves that Chicago SEO Scholar’s commitment to offering clients the best that SEO can offer is unparalleled.

Chicago SEO Scholar

55 E Monroe St Suite 3800 Chicago, IL 60603

(312) 529-8226


2. Verve Marketing Group

There is hardly any SEO agency in Chicago that does not claim to be the best for individuals and businesses that need these services. As a result, making the right choice can be a very daunting task.

However, knowledge of certain things can make it possible and even easier to make the right choice. One such tip is going through the case studies of several companies. This provides sufficient insight into the operational capabilities of the company in question.

On that note, it is safe to say that Verve Marketing Group is very high on the list of good enough SEO agencies for Chicago residents and businesses. For starters, this company has handled enough SEO and other digital marketing tasks for various clients. Furthermore, they have done great jobs as noted by some of their clients and validated by some of the industry-relevant awards that it has won.

3. Walker Sands

A personalized business approach is one of the things that set this company apart from several others. This is a company that strategizes online marketing campaigns based on the goals and objectives of its clients.

This is rather than employing a generalized approach. Little wonder it has been able to record so much success as noted by several of its past and current clients. You can read this article if you are interested in finding out what makes personalized digital marketing better than generalized digital marketing.

4. Rise Interactive

Your business is highly likely to become more successful if you identify and do what successful companies do. Speaking of what successful companies do, they engage the likes of Rise Interactive for SEO services and digital marketing services at large.

For example, this company’s quality local lead generation rate is impressive. Furthermore, it is consistent with various clients. In other words, you would be dealing with a company that understands how SEO and digital marketing truly work and can use this knowledge to your advantage.


There are several ways to tell that an SEO company is good enough. The quality and authenticity of its case studies is one example as mentioned above. But in addition to this, client retention rate is another thing to consider.

SEO and digital marketing services are usually a long-term affair between the agency and the client. However, there would be visible growth noticed by the client over time. has been able to retain most of its clients because most of them are satisfied and impressed with its service quality. Its client retention rate as of the time of writing this article is just a few numbers shy of 100 percent. This says a lot about the company’s service quality.

6. Digital Third Coast

What do you think of an SEO and digital marketing agency that can get you as much as a 700 percent increase in generated revenue through increased purchases?

It is understandable if you have doubts but Digital Third Coast has done this much for many of its clients. It is therefore not surprising that many of them cannot keep quiet about how satisfied and impressed they are with the services of this company.

7. 3Q/DEPT

This agency understands that you need results as soon as possible. However, it also understands that a lot of quick fixes in the business of offering SEO and digital marketing solutions are short-lived.

As a result, 3Q/DEPT is known to enlighten clients on the need to make digital marketing moves with long-term success intended. For information on both long and short-term marketing strategies for business growth, you can visit:

This is not to say that the agency is sluggish in its approach to delivering expected results. Rather, it is that it prioritizes lasting success over short-lived ones.

In Conclusion

Businesses and individuals in need of SEO and digital marketing services in Chicago have several options to choose from. Their decision needs to be well informed to enable them to choose the right SEO company. It is to this end that this article has reviewed some good companies that offer this service in and near Chicago.

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