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They say sarcasm is a language everyone can be fluent in. Sarcasm is the way a person speaks that can have double meanings. It can be funny, it can mean the opposite, it can point out the obvious, or it can be an inside joke. When delivered correctly, people will find it hilarious. Some people speak this language so well that it becomes their personality. However, sarcasm is not easily translated with Sarcastic Emojis. You can send it with whatever meaning you see fit, but the receiver will probably misunderstand it. Like how an eyebrow raise emoji can both mean “Oh, really?” and “I hope you don’t mean that.” 

There are over a hundred emojis, and there is no one way to use them. But if you want to use them a little more creatively, here are eight sarcastic emojis that you should use more often.

1. Face With Raised Eyebrow Emoji

Some people cannot control their facial expressions. The instant someone says something they do not like, they raise their eyebrow. It is an expression of worry and disbelief. However, it could also mean that this person finds what the other said questionably.

Try sending a face with raised eyebrow emoji when a friend says something, and you are unsure of what they mean. You can also send this emoji to say that you understand what they said, and you raised an eyebrow to confirm. People who do not understand sarcasm may be offended, but this emoji is sure to raise a laugh and make the other person aware of what they just said.

2. Upside-Down Face Emoji

When good things happen, a person naturally smiles. After all, it is the best way to express happiness. Meanwhile, other cultures believe that smiling can attract good fortune. If the smile reaches the eyes, you know that it is genuine. On the other hand, the happiest and most progressive countries in the world only smile to respect the other person. 

Turning that smile upside-down does not mean they are sad, and it means they are unhappy and keeping it cool. Though it looks like the normal smiling emoji, the upside-down face emoji looks like it is mocking you. It is a sarcastic way of saying, “This is a joke, and I do not want to hear it.” You can add it to a shared post whose news you have a different opinion. 

3. Grimacing Face Emoji

It is normal to be annoyed. You can be triggered by anything: loud chewing, a crying child, or even the neighbor’s voice. The gyrating noise is enough to upset anyone. Your expression will range from straight-faced and unbothered to a full-on frown and grimace. It is hard to take that expression off your face until it is over.

Depending on the social media platform, the grimacing face emoji can either be a normal yellow-faced emoji with a fake wide smile or borderline erupting from anger. This variation can be confusing, but it only takes one emoji to turn any exchange into sarcasm. Send a grimacing face emoji to a friend whose decision is opposite your advice. You can also add it to a post to show complete displeasure in how things turned out.

4. Smirking Face Emoji

People mistake smirking into two things: a sexy snide smile or the expression of a know-it-all. Unfortunately, it is neither. Sure, you can snicker to make yourself look appealing, and however, it truly means that the person is condescending and self-satisfied. You can say that a smirk is the epitome of a sarcastic facial expression, and it is.

As its pictogram portrays, the smirking face emoji evokes a person’s feelings about themselves. It is an expression that says, “Yes, I know.” This emoji is commonly used to let the other person know that they are precisely saying, whether it is good or bad. You can also use it to sarcastically react to a person who has repeatedly been lying to you.

5. Face With Rolling Eyes Sarcastic Emojis

When someone you do not like comes your way, the first thing you do is roll your eyes. It is a natural reaction to show irritation. Whatever they say or do will annoy you to no end. But it is not always bad. It could be your immediate reply to a friend who said something obvious, followed by a “Duh!”

The face with rolling eyes emoji shows the same sentiments, and it conveys disdain, disgust, and dissatisfaction in one. However, you can also use this emoji to let people know that they should use common sense. Use this emoji sparingly so as not to sound offensive. But it counts as a sarcastic reply if you are friends with that person

6. Woozy Face Sarcastic Emojis

Dining out and drinking with friends is a fun way to spend the weekend. Do not get too wasted, though, because you will surely throw up and get woozy. This state of drunkenness is when you cannot control your face anymore. First, your face will go red. Then your eyes cannot focus. Next, you will say garbled words. Anyone who ever spent the night dizzy after a round of drinks knows this feeling.

But the woozy face emoji is not only used to declare how drunk you are, and it can also be a reaction to when a person says something unbelievable. Oddly enough, it is like a mish-mash of the five previously mentioned emojis. Others even use this emoji to replace the smirking emoji. 

7. Sneezing Face Sarcastic Emojis

It is normal to cry when watching sad movies, and expressing emotions with teary eyes and a runny nose is expected. Whether you are unhappy, lonely, or feeling hopeless, crying is only natural, and it is the best way to show your feelings when words do not come out, after all.

However, people sometimes do sneeze while crying. People use the sneezing face emoji as an exaggerated way of tearing up. This emoji is not just used when someone is sick, and it is sarcastically used to say the fake concern touched them. Others also use it to let others know that they are not interested in the drama.

8. Weary Face Sarcastic Emojis

When you are tired, signs of weariness will show on your face. It is the look of people wanting things to be over quickly, especially if there is no way out. Your eyes will look up to the sky, your mouth in a frown.

The weary face emoji can mean more than just exhaustion. If used sarcastically, it could also mean that you are sick of hearing the same thing repeatedly. You can also let the person know that you are tired of their games. After all, eariness is not limited to working and emotions.


Emojis are a great way to get your feelings across. Despite being the mainstream for only two decades, it has helped people say what they genuinely feel without showing their faces, sarcasm included. Even with a wide variety of choices, you still have not used some. To learn about emojis you might have missed, visit for more!

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