Indica Marijuana


Step 1: Pick a Strain for Indica Marijuana

Step 2: Choose the Seeds

Step 3: Decide to Grow Indoors or Out

Step 4: Prepare the Growing Space

Step 5: Start Growing

Step 6: Monitor Your Crops

Step 7: Dry and Cure the Buds

Step 8: Reward Your Efforts

Growing Indica Cannabis Never Got So Easy

You’ve got your hands on some indica seeds and want to get growing. But, wait! Do you use the same techniques as when you cultivate sativa crops? Is the indica plant height always the same? How often should you water them?

Don’t worry; it’s normal to have many questions when trying something new. To save you hours of research and lots of worrying, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to growing indica cannabis plants.

Do you want to have the best indica garden on your block?

Discover how to keep your plants healthy and enjoy the largest yields possible with our eight easy steps on growing this weed type. Let’s get sowing!

Step 1: Pick a Strain

Before you consider how to grow indica, you need to pick the right strain. This type of marijuana is famed for relaxing your entire being and may help combat pain and other ailments.

Are you looking for something to increase focus and eliminate headaches? Or are you searching for indica strains for sleep? Whatever you want to experience from your cannabis, ensure the cultivar you pick has those properties.

Step 2: Choose the Seeds

You know the strain you want—now you need to decide whether to buy the autoflower feminized, or regular version. Auto cannabis seeds grow faster than other types but provide smaller yields.

Feminized seeds are ideal for beginners as you don’t need to sex the crops—they produce females 99% of the time. If you want to experiment with breeding, opt for regular seeds. If you only want smokable buds, remove the males in the early flowering stage.

Step 3: Decide to Grow Indoors or Out

While waiting for your marijuana seeds to arrive, decide whether you’re growing indica indoors or outside. Both options benefit the cultivator, so consider your circumstances before making a final decision. 

An indoor setup is perfect for growers who are short on space and want to control every aspect of the environment. You can also cultivate year-round inside without depending on the seasons. Keep in mind that indoor grow rooms are more expensive to set up.

Indica plants stretch more outdoors, but you need to pay more attention to pests and pathogens. Plant seeds in April or May to harvest by the end of October. Outdoor 420 gardeners can expect larger yields if they provide proper maintenance.

 Step 4: Prepare the Growing Space

To get the best results from your cannabis seeds and crops, you need to create the ideal environment. When setting up your space, consider the indica plant height and width—luckily, they usually remain short but spread out sideways.

If you cultivate indoors, gather the correct equipment. Consider the right lighting, air conditioning, and which containers to use. Ensure your grow room is well-sealed to avoid pests getting in. 

You don’t need much outdoors. Raised containers lower the risk of flooding and pathogen attacks. Keep your plants in pots to move them under cover during harsh weather conditions. 

Wherever you sow your seeds, give your crops plenty of nutrients to develop well. 

Step 5: Start Growing

Before you plant crops in their final medium, you must germinate them. This simple process gives them the best start to life and ensures they remain healthy until harvest. As soon as you see a tiny taproot, move the seeds with tweezers to their grow medium. 

During the growth stages, provide plenty of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other micronutrients to promote healthy development. 

Indicas usually like temperatures of 70–75°F and 40–50% relative humidity (RH). Once they reach flowering, lower temps to 65–70°F and RH by 10%.

Crops usually take 6–12 weeks to reach the budding stage. How tall do indica plants get? They don’t grow much more than 3 feet indoors but can reach 6 feet outside. Implement low-stress training techniques if needed to manage their size.

Step 6: Monitor Your Crops

Throughout their life cycle, monitor your plants closely for signs of nutrient deficiencies, mold, pests, and pathogens. If you spot an issue, act as quickly as possible to avoid reducing your yield. 

How long does indica take to flower? All strains vary, but most finish blooming within 7–10 weeks. You can tell buds are ready to pick when trichomes turn cloudy or milky-white. If you wait until they go an amber color, THC starts to break down—not ideal.

Step 7: Dry and Cure the Buds

Before you can reap the rewards from the juicy buds, you need to dry and cure them. These processes maximize nug quality, their sensory profile, and the smoothness of the smoke. 

Drying prevents mold build-up—and you can’t puff on buds if they’re wet! Curing enhances the potency and terpene profile. Drying usually takes 5–10 days, while curing requires at least two weeks to improve the quality of the nugs.


Step 8: Reward Your Efforts- Indica Marijuana

The wait is over! You’ve successfully cultivated, dried, and cured your crop of indica marijuana. All that’s left to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are many ways to consume your indica marijuana cannabis—some of the most popular include:

  • Rolling and smoking a joint or blunt; a great way to share with friends.
  • Packing a bowl and enjoying a hit from your favorite bong.
  • Using a vape to experience the full flavor of your chosen strain. 
  • Getting creative and cooking up some edibles—brownies, cannabutter, and gummy bears are excellent choices. 

Growing Indica Cannabis Never Got So Easy

With our indica growing tips, you’ll be enjoying your stash of ultra-relaxing cannabis before you know it. Pick the strain, seed type, and where you want to sow them. 

Prepare the cultivation space before you plant crops and maintain and monitor them throughout their life cycle. Once harvest rolls around, dry and cure the buds before enjoying your reward.

Ready to try growing your own indica plants? Pick up some cannabis seeds today to get started!