Business Trip Packing

Every business traveler must pack the basics with business trip packing tips. It ensures that you dress for the trip, remain productive, and prepare for unexpected situations.

When you pack, think about the things that keep you on your game. 

The following are the top nine business trip packing list items by category.

1. Tech

Most business travelers take trips with at least one piece of technology. For several years, they traveled with their laptop. In 2021, they travel with a smartphone, tablet, and wireless headphones. 

The tech is great. Apps help you get around your destination. Your laptop helps you stay productive, even without WiFi. A tablet makes putting together a presentation easier.

However, none of these gadgets function when their battery hits zero. Therefore, remember to pack the chargers.

2. Attire

The amount of clothing you pack depends on the trip’s length. If it’s a day trip, you only require one business attire outfit. Bonus points if you pack an outfit that converts from business office to business dinner easily.

A trip that runs more than two days requires outfits that multitask. To keep your baggage to one carry-on, pack attire that you can mix and match. A suit becomes new again by changing the tie and shirt. 

For the ladies, a top becomes new when you pair it with a skirt. Then a pair of pants and a blazer.

When you pack your business attire, remember to pack your undergarments too including at least two pairs of socks.

3. Shoes

Everyone must pack one pair of shoes that match their professional attire. It’s also a good idea to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes. A trip isn’t the ideal time to break in a new pair. 

So travel with the ones that you know fit your feet well. 

You can always pick up an extra pair on the road. 

4. Accessories

When you travel during the hot and muggy months, your mind is far from accessories; it’s warm in a suit or blazer. Pick accessories that offer function and don’t weigh you down.

Watches, cufflinks, and belts are accessories that pull together an outfit. For the evening and cooler evenings, consider packing a scarf or pashmina.

5. Toiletries

The toiletries you can get through airport security remain limited. Plus, hotels that cater to business travelers still provide quality toiletries.  

Nonetheless, it’s worth checking if your favorite toiletry brands sell their products in travel-size. In addition, there are some creative toiletry options on the market such as deodorant towelettes.

Thus, the top toiletry to pack is towelettes including flushable, makeup removing, and cleansing wipes. 

6. Company Business Travel Policies

Traveling for business is a nice perk. Remember that it’s not fun and games. If you’re self-employed, you represent yourself. Otherwise, you represent your employer.

If they have a pamphlet on the dos and don’ts of company business travel, keep a copy with you. It helps you stay on top of their reimbursement and company mileage policy. 

If your company doesn’t have a mileage policy, Hotel Engines offers some tips.

7. Business Cards

It’s OK to network, even if you’re happy at your company. Making business connections helps create opportunities.

Thus, pack your business cards.

8. Notebook

In 2021, everyone is living in the digital age. However, it hasn’t made paper and notebooks obsolete.

For quick note-taking or jotting down thoughts, pack a small notebook and pen. 

9. Snacks

Those who travel on business class receive several amenities at the airport and during the flight. Access to food and snacks is among the perks. 

Your travel packing list should still consist of some snacks. Pack perishable and non-perishable items such as fruit, yogurt, and crackers.

While you travel, remember to hydrate too. So pack an insulated reusable water bottle. If you opt for a 40-ounce bottle, it’s an additional 40 ounces you’ll carry with you. But you’ll remain hydrated while flying, a dehydrating activity.


Business trip packing requires a mindset of efficiency. To avoid struggling with lost luggage, long luggage retrieval wait times, and pulling it around it, make friends with your carry-on. Then focus on packing the basics. If you have to sacrifice some things, it’s OK. The hotel provides toiletries and you can pick up an extra shirt at your destination.

Chargers, shoes, and business cards rank as essentials.