Ways Fashionable Denim Jacket

Denim is one fabric that many people love and simply cannot do without. It is easy to match and maintain, highly durable, and versatile. Best of all, it is a timeless fashion piece because it doesn’t lose its appeal despite frequent wear. Here are 9 Ways to Get Fashionable With Your Denim Jacket – A Woman’s Guide.

Today, both high street and luxury brands are paying respect, restructuring the potential of this traditional workwear fabric, and manufacturing denim garments in different styles, finishes, and washes.

If you are searching for a versatile wardrobe staple, a denim jacket is what you need. Denim jackets have been in the fashion world for decades, and yet they have remained on-trend. That’s because you can basically pair it with just about anything in your closet.

To make the most out of your beloved denim jacket, here are nine fashionable ways to wear it.

1. As a top

Denim jackets are a layering staple, but if you find this boring and want to elevate your game, wear your jacket as your primary top. Button it up all the way to the top and keep an undershirt hidden underneath.

2. With a skirt

Pairing your denim jacket with a skirt creates a feminine yet edgy look. The contrast between the tough vibe of denim and your skirt’s sweet look yields a unique style. Make this pairing even more ladylike by wearing your favorite high heels. This style won’t go wrong no matter how short or long your skirt is.

3. Over a dress

Give off a relaxed yet stylish vibe by wearing your denim jacket over a dress. For floral or white dresses, a blue jean jacket comes in handy. For mini cotton dresses, you could wear a washed blue denim jacket with patches.

The key is to consider the length of your denim jacket and the dress. Go with either a cropped or long jean jacket if your dress is above the knee. But if you choose to wear a dress that falls below the knee (maxi or midi dress), wear a cropped denim jacket to achieve the ideal 1/3 and 2/3 proportion for your body. Dividing your body by the thirds is an essential rule in the fashion industry because it is the most pleasant to the eyes.

4. Denim on denim

A denim-on-denim look creates an edgy-cool vibe. But to achieve this, you must consider proportions and avoid using too many accessories.

When going for a casual outing, a weekend brunch with friends, or a business dinner in Dubai, wear your denim jacket over a white or black top and pair it with your blue jeans.

But if you want to look more stylish, you can swap the classic blue denim jacket with a funky jean jacket with patches of tribal influences. You may also add some accents by wearing a baseball cap or an ankle strap heel.

5. With sportswear

A denim jacket with sportswear may seem like a mismatch, but fashion experts say otherwise. Such a combination can make you look edgier whenever you go for your gym sessions. Wear your denim jacket with your track pants on your way to the gym or when you go jogging and expect people to give praises to your out-of-the-box fashion choice.

6. With a hoodie

A hoodie can look great under a denim jacket. Just make sure to choose one in a neutral color and with a good fit. Pair it with your sweatpants and Chucks for a not-so-casual yet polished look.

7. With a turtleneck or roll neck

A denim jacket worn over either a roll neck or turtleneck is a perfect warm outfit. But before heading out, consider the finish and wash of your denim jacket and how it suits your top.

8. With flare pants

Flare pants are among the most flattering pants for women of any body shape and height. For a slimming effect, choose black flare leg pants. When paired with a denim jacket, it adds a casual feel to your look.

A denim jacket over a neutral-colored shirt or sweater with flare pants is the perfect combination if you want to transform an office outfit into a casual look after work. This is also a great get-up if you are looking for another layer to cope with temperature fluctuations.

9. Under a coat

Who says you can’t wear denim jackets underneath other clothing? Like a tailored blazer, your jean jacket must be slim fitting if you want to wear it under your topcoat or overcoat. Ideally, you should get at least two fingers down it. It must also be narrow-necked, so it does not compete with the lapels of your coat. A lightweight, Chinese collar-style denim jacket can do the trick. 9 Ways to Get Fashionable With Your Denim Jacket – A Woman’s Guide.

Regardless of the season, a denim jacket is undoubtedly a wardrobe essential. It can serve as the finishing touch for most of your outfits and the perfect layering piece for any occasion.

If you want to make your denim jacket truly stand out, choose a colorful one. Most fashion experts are elevating their jean jacket game by offering different colors and unique designs. Dare to become different by styling the trusty denim jacket in any of the ways listed here.