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In recent times, there has been a growing concern about one’s sleep hygiene. People have become aware of how much good quality sleep matters and its effects on one’s daily life. If a person has had a good night’s sleep, they will be more efficient at work and are more likely to stay positive throughout the day by adjusting your living space to help you sleep better.

People have realized that having a bedtime routine, eating sleep-friendly foods, exercising regularly, and relaxing before they go to sleep can make a lot of difference. More and more people are interested in buying sleeping capsules to help them enjoy a good night’s sleep – an energetic and healthy person can accomplish more than one who is lazy and unhealthy.

In the debate around sleep, people often overlook one aspect of sleep hygiene, and that is one’s living space or the sleep environment. Not only the bedroom but our whole living space contributes to our mood.

The bedroom’s environment can greatly affect our sleep quality – something that’s not considered much. However, we’re here to help you create the perfect sleeping environment by adjusting your living space to help to get those Zzzs!


One has to invest in a good sleeping environment by investing time, energy, and money in the bedroom. The bedroom is the one space where one spends most of their time, and the bed should be comfortable to sleep in.

Many people wake up tired or stiff, and the reason could be the mattress, pillow, bedsheets, or the comforter. If they’re old or worn out, they can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. If your sheets are scratchy or the comforter is too thin, it can irritate you throughout the night. If the mattress has lumps or if you have to fluff out the pillow constantly, then it’s time for new bedding altogether.

When we come home after a long day at work, all we need to do is relax and get some sleep. Good quality bedding shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. When you go bedding shopping, ensure that the mattress, bedsheets, pillows, and comforter fits your needs. It should be comfortable, keep you nice and warm, and make you fall asleep!

Upgrading Living Space

If your living space isn’t comfortable enough, you’ll find it difficult to relax and enjoy an undisruptive sleep. Sometimes, our living space is too cramped up with furniture or cluttered with many things.

It can help if you move some furniture around and create an open space where you can move around easily. Moreover, bringing good Feng Shui to your bedroom can create a peaceful environment for you.

In addition, the color of the room you sleep or spend your time in also contributes to your sleep. Blue, yellow and green colors can help you sleep better. These colors are associated with calmness and put your mind at ease.


Healthy adults experience a decline in body temperature when they sleep. This is natural, and a lower temperature aids in the sleeping process. A higher temperature will always keep you alert, and that is why it hinders your sleep.

The ideal room temperature that you should keep to improve your sleep hygiene is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It might sound too low for many people, but a cooler temperature will increase your chances of comfortable sleep and make you drowsy.


There are many benefits of natural light as it helps regulate your body‘s circadian rhythm. However, light signals the body that it’s time to stay awake. Moreover, it prevents the production of a hormone, Melatonin, that makes one feel tired and sleepy.

Remove nightlights, avoid putting the lamp on, and put heavy curtains that make it impossible for light to penetrate the room. You can apply this to other spaces of your home as well. Try to keep your television and laptop in a different room as they produce blue light that can also make it hard for you to fall asleep.


One of the most common culprits behind sleeplessness is noise. Any noise from the street, another room, or even a noisy fan can disturb one’s sleep or prevent one from having a good night’s sleep. The consistency in noise disrupts your sleeping pattern.

Your living space should have thick walls that block the noise from outside, or you should use a sleeping machine to make your sleep routine better. Sleeping machines produce sounds that are soothing and put one in a mellow mood that can facilitate sleep. Some people listen to calming sounds or music when trying to sleep.


People use aromatherapy as part of their bedtime routine. Certain natural scents do help us sleep better. Most of these scents include lavender and vanilla. Aromatherapy creates a soothing and relaxing environment in the bedroom that makes you fall asleep quickly.

It will relax your mind and eventually become a cue for you to hit the pillow. Sometimes, putting plants in one’s room also aids in sleeping. Plants like aloe, English Ivy, lavender, and pace lily improve air quality and create the perfect relaxing environment to fall asleep.

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