Whether you’re aware of it, there are many different types of doors. Your doors are the portals to the array of rooms in your home, and your front door is likely one of the first things that your guests will notice about your house. So, why not make a good impression? Your interior doors must blend in well with the room the doors are in. Otherwise, you risk jeopardising the entire look of the room. Additionally, your exterior doors should be sturdy but allow for a nice amount of light to get through. 

This guide will teach you about the different types of doors that you could install in your space and a few of their individual qualities and features. 

Flush Doors-

Flush doors are the most simple of doors that you can buy, as they are plain and generally flat on both sides. Although they’re available in various colours, their functionality is a priority over their ability to look pretty. Thus, if you’re looking for aesthetic prowess, you probably won’t find it with Flush Doors. 

They aren’t suitable for use outdoors, as they are not waterproof and are susceptible to sun damage. They also require precise measurements before installation, as cutting them to size is very difficult and can result in the door being damaged. 

Fortunately, they are cost-effective, as they’re made with wooden frames and plywood and filled with cardboard. This doesn’t mean they’re weak, but they are definitely not as strong as solid wooden doors. 

Panel Doors-

Panel doors are ordinarily used as external doors because they’re impressively strong and hard-wearing as well as incredibly easy to cut into any shape. These doors are traditional and ordinarily made of particleboard or laminated timber. 

They’re also very economical, as they’re made from discarded and recycled lumber wood of other products. The smaller the particles, the stronger the particleboard ends up being. 

It is possible to face your panel door with plywood to make the door easier to paint, veneer or laminate if you so wish. 

Glazed Doors- 

Glazed doors are often used as front doors but can be used to divide rooms in the house that don’t warrant much privacy, like the dining room to the kitchen. Because these doors have little glass windows, they allow far more light to get through to the room and generally brighten the place up a bit. 

There are lots of different styles available. So, you won’t struggle to find a door that fits the look of your home. This includes doors with frosted glass, which still allow a nice amount of light to come through, but prevent anybody on the outside from looking in. 

The glass on these doors is hard. But it is also delicate, so the installation process must be done with care.

Finally, these types of doors originate from Victorian England, so they’ll add a flair of historical beauty to your home. 

Stable Doors- 

When you think of stable doors, you think horses. That is exactly what these doors derive from, horse stable doors. The door is almost cut in half and it is possible to open the lower and upper halves of the door separately so that you can see out of the door but nothing small that might be able to get in is able to because of the lower door. 

These doors are very durable and are not likely to chip or crack. As well as this, they’re very easy to wash and aren’t susceptible to water damage, so you won’t need to worry about replacing them any time soon.

Stable doors can be made from various materials, such as uPVC, timber, plastic, steel, glass, and oak, a selection of materials known for their durability and strength. The use of these materials diminishes the negative reputation that these doors have, that they’re known for being leaky and draughty. This isn’t something that you need to worry about anymore. 

French Doors- 

There isn’t much to say about French doors that haven’t already been said about glazed doors. They’re very similar in that they can be made with various materials and allow a considerable amount of extra light into your home. 

These doors, however, are primarily made of glass, and only their frames are made of other materials designed to be durable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

Patio Doors- 

Patio Doors, by nature, should be able to endure the elements. The best way to ensure that they do this is by purchasing doors with vinyl framing. Vinyl is renowned for its durability, so you won’t need to worry about water damage like you would with wooden frames, abrasions, or corrosion. Vinyl is an exceptionally functional material that is not quickly struck down.  

Bifold Doors- 

Bifold doors allow large amounts of light into your home and generally take up less space than sliding doors. They fold in on themselves so it is easier to get in and out of the room without needing to sacrifice space. 

Because of their floor-to-ceiling design, they give the illusion that your room and the space adjacent to it are a single room and make the overall area look far bigger. 

They’re incredibly stylish and will give your home an extra modern touch that will definitely be achieved by investing in some Korniche Bifold Doors. This brand is recommended for its high-quality products, attention to detail, and aesthetically pleasing designs. And they’ll be a fantastic addition to your home. 

Sliding Doors- 

Finally, sliding doors have a very similar function to Bifold doors, in that they’re stylish, conserve space, and generally make your room look far bigger. These doors allow light to reach different rooms far easier than if a single wooden door was placed between them because they’re entirely made of glass (save for the frames), which is strong and durable. 

Hopefully, you now know better about the different types of doors and which one might be best for you. Maybe we’ve even changed your mind about a door you were already considering. 

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