Your Tire Deflates

For someone who already owns a car, they know the importance of knowing how to fill the air when your tire pressure falls or Your Tire Deflates! Not always, you will be in a space where you can get yourself a mechanic. So, you have to be prepared well in advance to know to fill the air in your tire and repair it! 

If you are someone new and are planning to get yourself a car anytime soon, it’s time you know the steps to fill the air in your tire. You can purchase the recent Hyundai Kona Electric or any other car, and you can be sure that the basic steps are going to be the same

So, let’s not waste any more time in checking out what the quick steps are to follow when Your Tire Deflates: 

1. Removal of Valve Stem Cap

Well, to begin with, you can start by removing the valve stem cap! You can start by unscrewing the plastic cap that is present just on top of the valve stem. However, at times, you may also have to remove the steel rim that is present covering the wheels. Keep the accessories carefully; you’ll need them when you finish! 

2. Start Measuring the Existing Pressure

Put the hose end at the tire gauge that is present on the valve stem. It would be best if you pushed it really hard to make sure there was no hissing noise. Now it’s time to check what the reading tells you. Be sure that the needle jumps as soon as you place it. However, if you are using a digital gauge then, you would probably have to use a button for activation. 

3. Check What Tire Pressure Your Car Requires

Many people tend to forget this and keep inflating the tires in panic. But in our step-by-step guide, you are going to get an in-depth idea about how to inflate the tires. Before you begin, recheck what the recommended tire pressure you are using requires. Only then are you allowed to proceed further. 

4. Take An Air Pump

Now it’s time you take the air pump to inflate the tires. For that, you would have to take the hose end and put it on the valve stem. But be sure that the clamps are put in the perfect place. In case you are hearing any kind of hissing sound, you need to know that the tires are not getting inflated. 

Many times, people have to hold onto the hose tip to ensure the pressure in inflating the tires

Note: We suggest you blindly do not inflate. Every 15 seconds, you must make sure that you are checking whether the tire is getting inflated or not! 

5. Stop When the Air Pressure Reaches the Recommendation

The moment you see the air pressure has reached the recommendation, it is time you stop! This is something not everyone keeps note of and tends to inflate their tires more than required, which is not something you are supposed to do! 

6. Place all the Opened Parts Back

Now that you have inflated your tires well, it is time you put back all the opened screws and steel rings onto the car. Be patient while you are doing this to make sure you are not leaving out any car parts. 

Final Thoughts

Inflating your car is one of the simplest things one has to learn when Your Tire Deflates. But when you are out, we tend to make mistakes with the easiest things. So, without any panic, follow our steps mentioned above well and surely, you’ll not face any trouble when you are out alone or with your family

However, even if you have done it on your own and you are pro after you have got your tires ready and you are moving, the moment you see a gas station, show your car to an expert. This needs to be done just to be extra careful!


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