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A Quick Guide To Premium Domains

Are you starting a new business or rebranding a current one? Perhaps you want to grow your online reputation, want to improve your company’s SEO, or are simply interested in learning about a new investment opportunity. Regardless of your reason for wanting to buy a new domain, it’s important to consider purchasing a premium domain name. Premium domains are high-quality ones that meet specific characteristics and make them more valuable.

Traits of a Premium Domain Name

Premium domain names have several traits that make them beneficial for business owners. Most importantly, they are brandable because they use simple words that are easy for people to remember. Often, they are very specific to the type of business using them. For example, an interior decorator might want a domain name that simply says “interiordesign.” Brandable domain names often use short, simple words rather than longer phrases. “” is often more memorable than “onlinetherapy” as an example.

The combination of short words and memorable words means that premium domain names are excellent for search engine optimization purposes. This is especially true if the domain skips the typical “.com” suffix in favor of using one that is industry-specific, such as “.online” or “.tech.” Finally, premium domain names are ones that are relevant and as evergreen as possible. It will tell exactly what your business is about and remain relevant for years to come.

How To Purchase a Premium Domain Name

If you want to purchase a premium domain name, the best idea is to work with the best domain brokers. If you navigate to the website you want to purchase and it’s already in use, even just as a landing page, finding the owner can take days, weeks, or even longer. Some people intentionally hide their identities when purchasing premium domains, while others simply forget they ever owned the domain and don’t leave contact information for it. Instead of using valuable time hunting down the owner yourself, let a broker do it for you. They can use research tools, social media connections, phone calls, and a range of other resources to find the domain name’s owner and start negotiating a price.

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Why You Need a Premium Domain Name

If the traits of the premium domain name didn’t already convince you that you need to purchase one for your business, consider the other benefits. First, owning a premium domain name builds a good reputation for yourself and your business. People easily remember your domain name and may even be more likely to pass it on to other people who are looking for the services or products you provide.

It also increases credibility among your brand and drives more traffic to your company’s website. When anchor text matches the company’s domain name, it helps your company to climb the ranks in search engine results pages. Of course, do remember that you’ll still need to build a quality website that includes a home page, service pages, contact information, and a well-researched and well-written blog.

Finally, owning a premium domain name establishes you as an authority in your industry and can even help to place you at the top of the list as a market leader due to your accurate brand positioning.

If you are starting or rebranding your business, the proper time to start considering purchasing a premium domain name is now. This gives you plenty of time to find one that you like, locate the owner if necessary, and begin the negotiations process. Keep in mind that a premium domain name will cost you more initially, but once you’re the owner, the renewal will be at traditional prices. For a potential lifetime of established authority in your industry, it is well worth the price.

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