With the release of macOS Monterey, Apple made it simpler to access passwords saved in System Preferences. Even if you haven’t updated to Monterey, you can still access your saved passwords within Safari.  We will find the answer to how to find saved passwords on mac here.

Safari allows you to view saved passwords in older versions of macOS. When you upgrade to macOS Monterey, you can access your saved passwords in either System Preferences or Safari, depending on your preference.

  1. First, launch Safari.
  2. The second action is to access Safari’s preferences via the menu.
  3. The third step is to go to the Passwords menu.
  4. Fourth, either enter your Mac’s password or use your Apple Watch to access the restricted content.
  5. When the passwords tab is visible, you can go through them at your leisure or use the search bar to locate a specific one.

How to find saved passwords on mac

The password is revealed when the cursor is moved over the masked text on the right. This will reveal the password to you, uncovering the face behind it. When you’re at a login screen and either can’t recall your password or the browser won’t autofill a saved one, it’s aggravating. In case you’ve saved a password but can’t remember it, you should know how to recover it. Some effective ways and possible answers to how to find saved passwords on mac are discussed below in detail.

Add your keys to the iCloud Keychain.

Apple’s iOS and macOS come equipped with a built-in password manager called iCloud Keychain. If you use several Apple products, your passwords are likely stored here.

Safari will either prompt you to enter a password or will automatically fill in the information from your iCloud Keychain when you visit a website that requires it. If you don’t see this choice, you’ll have to manually search for those credentials. You can get to your saved iCloud Keychain passwords in Safari or the macOS System Preferences. This can be one of the best solutions to how find saved passwords on mac.

Retrieving Chrome Passwords

The most widely used browser is Chrome, which you may use as either your primary or secondary Mac browser. The Google Password Manager is where your passwords will be stored for any website or service for which you signed up while using the Chrome web browser.

To get to your saved passwords in Chrome for Mac, follow these steps:

  1. You should launch Google Chrome first
  2. Make use of the Auto-fill option.
  3. The Passwords tab is where you’ll want to be.
  4. Look through this list or use the search bar to remember if you’ve already saved your login info. 
  5. Assuming you’ve located the correct account, you may examine its password by clicking the “eye” icon and then entering your Mac’s password.

Using Google Chrome on a Mac, you may access your saved passwords. If you’re using an alternative Chrome-based browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Brave on a Mac, you should be able to view your saved password like Chrome, albeit with some differences. The above is one option for how to find saved passwords on mac.

Firefox Password Recovery

If you use Firefox, you should check its password manager to see if the information has already been saved there. What you should do is this:

  1. To launch Firefox on a Mac, select the menu item with the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner.
  2. The Passwords tab is where you’ll want to be.
  3. To quickly access the required password, you may either type it into the search bar or go through the list. You can click here to see the password and copy it to your clipboard.

Utilizing a password manager app

Do you use a Mac app like 1Password to store and organize your passwords? If so, access it and try using the password you remember using. It’s also feasible that you don’t actually have the password manager program installed on your Mac, but rather, you only use the browser extension or use the website itself to manage your passwords. Make sure the website or plugin is functioning properly. This can serve as the best solution to how find saved passwords on mac.

Use the Notes app

Passwords are often stored in a user’s preferred notes app. Open Apple Notes, or whatever notes program you use on your Mac (Simplenote, Evernote, OneNote, etc.) if you even remotely think you may have taken notes there.

Search through all of your files and memos for the one that might have the secret phrase written down. Some people who maintain passwords in notes will only allude to them briefly or indirectly so that a casual reader of the note or someone with access to their Mac cannot decode the password.  Also, when you’re using a note-taking program, go ahead and check your protected notes. You probably put a lock on the memo to keep the password safe.

Inspect your other devices as Well

You should now be familiar with the various locations on your Mac where passwords may be stored. If you’re having trouble locating a necessary password on your Mac, you could have better luck using a mobile device. There’s a chance that you subscribed to a service via a browser that won’t work with your Mac. Therefore, the browser’s local storage on that device may store the password.

Password Reset Is Your Last Resort

We have seen the above possible answers to how to find saved passwords on mac. The passwords you’re looking for are probably stored in one of the aforementioned locations on your Mac. If you’ve exhausted all other options and still can’t locate the password, you’ll need to delete it and create a new one. On the login screen, you can typically find instructions for changing your password. If you want to avoid a repeat performance, write it down or store it in a password manager.

By Swati