When you consider investing overseas, you take into account a lot of factors. There are various places where you can think of spending your money in the real estate industry.

One such destination is Cyprus. It is an emerging market with lots of opportunities and will prove to be beneficial for your investment Cyprus.

This region is gradually developing and providing more financing arena for prospective investors like you, who enjoy investing in properties like holiday homes.

Is it the right time to invest in Cyprus?

You might get perplexed while considering your investment in Cyprus. The sole reason is that the market here is attracting foreign investment but ii still at its nascent stage. It has slowly set up industries over the years and is becoming the heart of the investment.

Many foreigners like you are buying homes for spending their vacations here.

 Perks of investing

In case you have not made up your mind about investing in a holiday home, you can consider these as benefits of investment Cyprus.

1.Development of infrastructure

The government is giving utmost importance to the construction of roadways, bridges, tunnels, telecommunications, health and educational system, drainage facilities, uninterrupted power supply, drinking water storage tanks, etc. 

All these facilities will not only help you to run a smooth business here but also ensure a good return on your investment. Apart from this, the presence of two international airports and sea ports is also helping it to increase its connectivity with other foreign nations of the world.


You can avail the following facilities once you get Cypriot citizenship.

  • You can be a dual citizen, thereby retaining the passport of your home country along with the Cyprus passport.
  • Generally, to secure a passport you need to stay in that country for a considerable period. But here there is no such obligation. A mere real estate investment Cyprus of a minimum of 2 million euros can help you to procure your Cypriot passport.

Moreover, you get your passport within 3 to 4 months from the date of application of your passport.

No medical history or examination is required for you to apply for citizenship. Even if you’re funding sources or language proficiency skills, nothing is required to be disclosed.

  • You will have the freedom to travel, study and work in any EU member nation after getting citizenship. Rather you will become an EU citizen and can settle in any EU-listed country.
  • If you have any unmarried child below 28 years of age, you can pass your citizenship to your child. It means passing it to your future generation.
  • You can also rent the properties you have purchased. Even you can sell the property and keep the capital gain without paying any tax as it is tax-free for 17 years for immigrants like you. 

This information is not only useful but also necessary to clear your confusion and help you to make the right decision in time.

As a whole investment Cyprus is a good option for you when you are considering foreign funding.