How Track Certified Mail

Do you need to send mail? If you do, you want to make sure that your mail arrives at its destination safely. The last thing you want is for your mail to end up in the postal service facility for lost mail. Here is A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Track Certified Mail.

When you use certified mail, you can track your mail and find out when it will arrive at its final destination. This is one of the benefits of using this service.

Read this guide to learn how to track certified mail. 

               Tracking Certified Mail With USPS

The sender who uses certified mail will receive a mailing receipt and an electronic verification. These serve as notifications that inform them their mail was delivered or that there was a delivery attempt. 

Two options allow the sender to verify the delivery of the mail. The USPS’s website has an area where one can enter the tracking number. One can also call the USPS’s hotline. 

If you want to have more peace of mind that your mail was received, you can request proof of signature. This can be requested at the time of mailing. 

The recipient must sign for the item for proof of delivery. You’ll receive a return receipt by mail or by email. Make sure to keep the receipt for your records. 

                         Using Mailform Service

Mailform is a service that allows people to send certified mail straight from their computer. It provides the sender with a tracking number via email. When the mail is delivered, Mailform sends the sender an email notification. 

Mailform aims to make it easier for business owners to send and track certified mail. Are you a business owner who needs to send certified mail in bulk? You can use Mailform’s online certified mail tracking service to manage all notifications. 

                 Using an Online Tracking Service

If you want an easy way to track your certified mail, you can use This company offers its customers a tracking report of their certified mail. 

Customers can create an account with this company to complete the mailing process without issues. The summary tracking report allows customers to use different tools to search for any item. 

This service uses different terms to describe certified mail delivery statuses. You must be familiar with these terms so you know how to keep track of your certified mail. 

If you see the status ‘acceptance’ it means that the item is at your local USPS facility. ‘Arrival at Unit’ tells you that the item arrived at the new postal facility.

The status ‘Notice Left” means the recipient of the item was not home. This is the notice the postal worker leaves at the door informing the recipient to go to the local post office to retrieve the item. The recipient will need to go to the post office before the item becomes opened unclaimed mail in TikTok.

The status that you want to see is ‘Delivered’. This means that the item is in the possession of the recipient who signed for the item. 

Click the link if you want more info about these statuses or how to track certified mail. 

               How to Track Certified Mail Successfully 

Sending and tracking certified mail is now easier than ever. Now that you know how to track certified mail, you can make sure that it arrives at its final destination. 

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