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About Us – AsktoHow is not only a site this is Helper of your life all need a supporter and instructor. AsktoHow is the Ocean of Knowledge and Question Answer Read any about that free of cost. it is created by Techbittu who’s owner is Deepak Kumar Arya


Our Story

This site is started when the owner of this site is love to search and get knowledge but all time he need to go in different site for different question then he decided to make site that give all solution of any question at one place.

We started this is 2017 and now we are successfully completed 1 year with 1.3 k subscribers and good support of team and our reaches . now we don’t need to prove our self we will grow as much as we can and improve our self in top place. now many thing we have to do and we also started our cloth printing company with name Fekooo.com you can also go and check out it.

Meet the Team

Team is very Important for any Business that support and help you to increase your business.


Deepak Kr.Arya

C.E.O , Chairperson

He is Owner of Techbittu and Studying B.tech (C.S.E) and good web designer and developer




Next Steps…

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Deepak Kumar Arya

Owner of Asktohow