Vaping E-Liquids

The debate on the advantages of vaping e-liquids compared to smoking seems to be one that will not end soon because it has been going on since the inception of e-cigarettes over a decade ago. But vaping has continued getting more popular despite being a somewhat new concept. Looking at the rate of opening new vape shops, vaping has become a big sensation and will even go on across the globe.

Below are some of the advantages of vaping e-liquids over smoking tobacco:

Vaping has less harm to health

Cigarettes are among the harmful products because they produce at least 24 cancer-causing toxins and toxic chemicals when smoked. These include ammonia, cyanide, carbon monoxide, and others. Conversely, e-cigarettes have far fewer chemicals because they primarily comprise propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and flavorings. Check out  Grinds for tobacco alternatives that help you quit smoking

Moreover, cigarette smoking is associated with lung cancer, mouth cancer, and other ailments of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The use of tobacco by smoking has been observed to cause many diseases due to the reactions during the combustion process. It is therefore evident that vaping e liquids is less harmful to the health than smoking.

Vaping is safer for those around you

Smoking has adverse effects not just on those smoking but also on those around them. This is in what is referred to as second-hand smoking or passive smoke. According to studies, second-hand smokers are at risk of getting coronary diseases and cancers. On the other hand, vaping e liquids is safer for those in the vicinity. Additionally, vape fumes do not have bad smells but are odorless or have lovely scents. This could explain why some premises allow vaping but prohibit smoking, although most places treat both smoking and vaping as one thing.

Vaping has less harm to the environment

Due to smoking, the environment fills up with litter that is not only an eyesore but ruins ecosystems. Moreover, smoking causes so much destruction through fires from cigarette butts and the match sticks used to light the cigarettes. Tobacco consumption through smoking also leads to atmospheric pollution by releasing carbon monoxide into the air, causing the greenhouse effect. However, vaping has minimal harm to the environment because there are no butts thrown all over or risk of fires from matchsticks or unextinguished cigarette butts.

Vaping offers a wide variety of flavors

A significant advantage of vaping e liquids instead of smoking the conventional cigarette is the many flavors that vaping offers users. Vape juice comes in many flavors giving the users the option to pick according to their preferences and tastes. Some of the flavors are apple, cherry, chocolate, menthol, strawberry, and caramel. The various e-liquid flavors are available both in physical and online stores. On the other hand, cigarette smokers only have a few tobacco cigarettes to enjoy, leaving them with fewer choices.

Besides the above, aping offers the advantage of having different nicotine concentrations for the users to choose from. There are also nicotine-free e-juices for those who do not want a dose of nicotine. It also offers excellent convenience because vaping devices are easy to carry and use in places where smoking is not allowed.