How To Deal With a Narcissist Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend a narcissist? Dealing with someone who has a lack of empathy for others and who always values his importance as a priority is challenging and heartbreaking too. Being in a relationship with someone is all about loving each other, making them a priority, understanding them, and doing all things selflessly. But you can’t leave someone because of their nature. After all, you love them the most. That is why we are here to help you in How To Deal With a Narcissist Boyfriend. We will give you the best advice, tips, and techniques that change your boyfriend’s narcissistic mind and turn him into the loving, caring, and adorable partner you always want.

What is Narcissism?

Most people do not even know narcissism or are unfamiliar with the word narcissist. Understanding this term is equally important as understanding the tips and techniques about How To Deal With a Narcissist Boyfriend. It is a kind of personality disorder in which the person shows a persistent pattern of grandiosity, an extreme need for admiration, and they do not feel empathetic to others. If you want to save your relationship and well-being, you must understand this trait and behavior.

Narcissist Boyfriend’s Personality Traits & Behaviour

A narcissistic boyfriend always forces self-importance. They believe that they are very special human beings and deserve special treatment from others. They always look for admiration and validation from others. Narcissist boyfriends overstate their achievements. They did not understand the feelings of others and showed no empathy. They want everyone to cater to their desires and fulfill their need without question.

How To Deal With a Narcissist Boyfriend

There are certain narcissistic behaviors that a narcissistic boyfriend shows, including having a desire for control and having manipulation powers. They love to exploit others for their profit mentally, financially, or socially. Always putting themselves in the first place is all they want. Now the question is How To Deal With a Narcissist Boyfriend.

How To Deal With a Narcissist Boyfriend

Nobody wants to change his partner but what if your boyfriend becomes a narcissist? Doing some minor modifications is needed in behavior when things are going in the wrong direction so that they can come back on track. Here are some tricks and techniques about How To Deal With a Narcissist Boyfriend

1. Construct Boundaries to Save Yourself from Manipulation

The first step of dealing with a narcissistic boyfriend is setting clear boundaries. Constructing boundaries will save you from any type of their manipulation and empower you to save from emotional abuse. It stops your narcissistic boyfriend to exploits your and others feeling for their desires. Make a checklist of areas where you are disrespected or uncomfortable, and communicate to them about the limits. Confront them about their behavior that you can’t tolerate and also tell them what will happen if they cross the boundaries.

2. Gather Your Supporters Who Can be Your Side

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is emotionally struggling and isolating as well. Dealing with a narcissistic boyfriend drains you emotionally without anyone’s support. That is why you need a strong support network that can guide you and where you can explain your concerns and feelings. This support network can include close friends, family members, or even your therapist. Your supporters will help you get confidence, deal with the challenges in a relationship, and maintain perspective.

How To Deal With a Narcissist Boyfriend

3. Care More About Yourself

It is tough to be with someone who always thinks about himself, and in this situation, you just need to prioritize your self-care for your mental peace and well-being. It helps you to heal from the pain, gives your more strength, enhances your mental health, and fulfills your mind, body, and soul. Spend your time in those activities which you enjoy the most. Engage yourself in hobbies, meditation, yoga, anything. You can also take professional therapy sessions if you are struggling with such a bad phase.

4. Set Your Expectations

You can’t ask someone to change completely for you. It is good if they modify their habits that trouble you otherwise it’s better to manage your expectations from your partner. If you do not set your expectations high you will never feel disappointed because of their actions and words. Narcissist does not have an empathetic attitude and it’s good if you accept reality and save your emotions to get wasted for no reason. All you can do is pay attention to the behavioral pattern of your boyfriend to respond to them better. This exercise will help you in protecting your emotions and detach you from negative interactions.

5. Better Communication Strategies for Interaction

Having a narcissistic partner needs to deal with better communication strategies. It helps in sidelining difficult conversational situations and removes the chances of conflicts. By the word better communication, we mean incorporating a lot of things while your interaction with the partner. Give some time to your partner, and listen to them even if you are not agreeing with their thoughts, it will solve half your problems. Always maintain your cool and calm while interacting that makes you more strong emotionally. Also, focus on the solution, not the problems and arguments for maintaining a better relationship.

Narcissist Boyfriend


We know it is difficult and hurts you while dealing with a completely narcissistic boyfriend. Leaving someone you love is more difficult but staying with them and handling them with love is toughest. If you will try these tips on How To Deal With a Narcissist Boyfriend, then surely it will help you in taking your relationship way far than you ever think. Keep focusing on yourself, care more about yourself, and include small changes in your partner’s can surely make him the man of your dream. Keep trying and focus on your relationship.

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