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This year the German championship witnesses a rather interesting struggle for gold medals and places in the Champions League zone. Bayer, which has a fairly good campaign, also claims one of them. All football games tomorrow of the Pharmacists and their rivals are promptly covered on the sports statistics website, which operates around the clock.

Many experts thought that this season Bayer will significantly slow down in terms of results, because last summer Kai Havertz left the team; he was the main star of the roster. However, the leader’s departure, on the contrary, pulled the players together. Now it is not so focused on one performer.

Now Bayer quite often uses combination football and always pleases its fans with attacking style.

The team played perfectly during the first part of the tournament. But if it plans to keep its place in the top-4, it can’t slow down in any case. The final place of the club largely depends on tomorrow’s games of the national championship. However, given the football the team shows now, it won’t be afraid of any rival.

It’s also worth noting that Bayer, unlike many competitors, continues to staff its roster. So, in January Timothy Fosu-Mensa from Manchester United will join the club for relatively modest money (just over 1 million euros). In England, the defender wasn’t in the main lineup, but in the new championship he is quite capable of strengthening the defense of the German club.

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  1. Good teamwork. On the field, the players look as one and make a minimum of mistakes.
  2. Excellent shape of many leaders who are ready to decide an outcome of an episode in favour of their club.
  3. Successful decisions of the coaching staff, which quite often chooses the optimal lineup for each game.

Will this help Bayer finish in the top-4? The answer to this question can be found on the 777 score site. The platform works stably and smoothly. It offers only the latest data about confrontations of your interest. Follow the Bundesliga and other national championships and don’t miss anything.

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