Anal toys

Anal games have been a restricted activity during the centuries. But a lot of women found how to satisfy themselves this way. Anal games scared a lot of modern women, and after the first trial, only a few of them want to repeat the experience. But don’t worry, with our sex anal toys you will enjoy it not less than classical vaginal sex.

Anal toy different varieties

Choosing anal toys is a very private purchase because somebody has a too-small backdoor, or the opposite, too wide, and a lot of people just tell – sorry, it is not for me.

Below you can discover the new world of anal games, and we are sure, you will be able to choose something special for yourself.

Anal balls

These anal toys have a lot of names. Somebody also calls it anal chaplet, or anal pearl. It consists of a little wire, which is filled with different small or big balls are made from latex, plastic, glass, or metal.

These balls should be inserted in the back hole for new feelings during sex. It is proved, that anal balls help to get double satisfaction from sex games.

Some of the tools are connected with batteries and a vibrating mechanism to force the enjoying. Anal chalets are suitable both for beginners and experienced users.

Anal plugs

Anal plugs are a very interesting and useful invention in the sex industry. They have the onion shape for easy anal penetration. 

You can choose different sizes of the plugs, according to your body’s peculiar properties and your experience.

Anal plugs are usually used before back hole sex to prepare the sphincter muscles. These appliances are very popular in BDSM activity, and the host can always push his submissive to fix it inside for a long time.

There are 3 basic types of anal plugs:

  • Anal plugs with a surcharge are represented with different verities of sizes and weights. These toys cannot vibrate but are very useful during your sexual dating with your partner. 
  • Tail anal toys – consist of 2 parts – the anal plug from different materials and the long tail. Usually covered with natural fur. When the toy is inside, it seems that the owner has the real animal’s tail. 
  • Tunnel anal plugs – these appliances allow you to open your back hole with a maximum width. These toys can realize the wildest fantasies and help you to penetrate the anal hole with different tools.

All such toys were created mainly for advanced users, who have had a long sexual experience for many years. 

Anal probes

These sex toys are the most suitable gadgets for beginners. They can be used, for anal o vaginal penetrations. Probes are similar to the small dildos with the vibration function, but they have a sharp edge and smooth surface.

The main feature of all probes is the length which is bigger, than classical dildos, which allows them to stimulate the anal, clitoris, and prostate. So, these tools are suitable both for men and women.

Inflatable anal toys

Air-pump anal gadgets for male and female users have the same work principles, as an ordinary balloon. You can use these toys when they are only partially inflated, but you can refill them already after penetration. Inflatable anal toys will present great enjoyment for you because there are very similar to the real penis which can be erected inside.

Anal dildos

The special size and shape of these artificial penises get the full imitation of the real anal sex. These appliances are represented in different colors. They are made of latex, plastic, steel, and even glass. You can always choose the most suitable size for your enjoyment.

Anal vibrators

These high-technology tools have a multifunctional moving algorithm. Almost all of them are supplied with electric engines and a control panel. Modern vibrators can move, twist, pulsate with different speeds and frequencies.

Anal toys P-spot

These appliances are very popular among male users because they can stimulate the men’s prostate and give a wonderful orgasm. The special shape of the surface is designed with a small ball on the edge, that is always make pressure on the men’s G-point. The P-spot anal toys can be used by single people or during sex with a partner.

Squirt anal toys

Very interesting and popular toys that supplied with the pump and tube inside the gadget. While using, it is necessary to push the piston, which is filled with liquid and it will make double feelings, real cum effect.

Double penetration sex toys

These tools are similar to classical dildos, but they have 2 sticks with a penis shape. It helps to stimulate the vagina and anal G-point at the same time, for example, during the BDSM session.

Huge anal toys

These tools are a full copy of the previous appliances, but they differ the huge sizes. They can be used only by advanced users, who have already well-trained anus. The huge anal toys can have the function of vibration or they are supplied with the built-in pump for different liquids.

How to choose the material for anal toys?

Anal toys are represented in the market from different materials. It is not so easy to make the right choice for beginners. Bellow, you can read about all advantages and disadvantages of different materials for these sex gadgets.

Soft materials

  • Silicon. This material has a lot of advantages. It is quite strong and very elastic. Silicon is widely used for medical purposes because it never contains the hollows where the batteries can live and spread. 
  • Rubber. It belongs to low-price materials and usually is made of natural ingredients. Before buying and using, you should study all chemical compositions, to avoid toxic tools.  
  • Latex. One of the best soft materials for sex toys in the world. The best elastic features combine with absolutely mechanical strength and hypoallergic qualities. 

Stronger materials

  • ABS plastic. Modern synthetic materials are total can be recycled and never contain toxic ingredients. One of the best features is low thermal conductivity, which will eliminate discomfort during use.
  • Glass. Silicate materials have high strength and can be used for decades of years.
  • Metal. This anal toys type is made only of surgeon stainless steel, can never be corroded.
  • Stone and wood. These natural materials are usually used only for decorative purposes because of the best exterior, but some experienced couples can also play with such anal toys with a big pleasure. 

How to make the right shape and size choice?

Each user has it is own specialties of the body structure. So, for making the right choice, need to follow some simple rules:

  • Better to choose sharp edge appliances for fast, deep, and safe penetration.
  • To force the feelings, better to buy onion-shape tools. 
  • For beginners, it is better to choose small sizes, and after several trials already detect the most convenient dimension.
  • It is necessary to notice, that the best anal dildo’s shape is the realistic penis.

To make the correct choice, it is better, to begin with, small toys. It will help you to train your anus muscles and prepare for real adult games. 

How to use anal toys

Anal toys can be part of the funny activity with a partner in the bed. But full satisfaction you can receive only when following all rules that are written in a manual description:

  • Before using it is necessary to clean your stomach and back hole with the water pump not to have fecal problems. 
  • During sex games always use natural lubricant, because, in comparison with the vagina, your anus cannot produce the special easy-penetration liquid, that can cause pain, high friction, and injures.
  • Never play with anal toys too fast, because this type of sexual activity should be when the body is totally relaxed.

Dear customers! Just visit our sex shop, choose the most suitable anal toy from our catalog, and you can enjoy it alone, or with your partner already in several days.