Protecting your health is important no matter how old you are to ensure that you are able to enjoy a long and full life. However, although many people are laid back about their health, you cannot simply sit back and hope for the best, with even the mildest of conditions and symptoms potentially bringing severe consequences with them. Instead of being blasé about your health, there are several actions that you need to take on a yearly basis to ensure that you can look after your health and thrive. 

1.Visit a Dentist 

Many people forget about the importance of their teeth, and even if you are not experiencing any pain or discomfort, it is vital that you visit a dentist every year. Some dentists may also recommend six monthly visits if your teeth are at risk of decay or other issues or if you are in younger or older age groups. Visiting a dentist can allow issues to be picked up and treated quickly and can prevent you from developing decay. Not only this, but dentists will be able to keep an eye on the growth of your wisdom teeth and other changes that may occur in your mouth. You should consider visiting an Asheville dentist to ensure that your teeth can get the attention that they deserve. You should also look into visiting a hygienist as well, as they will be able to professionally clean your teeth and ensure that plaque and tartar do not build up on your teeth. 

2.Get Your Boosters 

The fall and winter season is vaccination season, and you must go to get your boosters if you are eligible, especially if you already have an existing health condition or if you are clinically vulnerable. For instance, the flu and COVID-19 vaccinations are incredibly important to stop viruses from leaving you bedridden for a week or two and can ensure that there are no interruptions to your daily life throughout the colder months, when viruses are more likely to spread. If you are a senior, you should also look into vaccinations for diseases like shingles, as this can be an extremely nasty disease for older people and can leave you extremely ill. You should also make sure that all of your children’s vaccinations, such as measles and polio, are up to date so that they can stay healthy and make sure that they do not pass any diseases onto you or more vulnerable members of society. 

3.Get a Physical Exam

If you have not been to the doctor’s surgery all year and want to make sure that your health is in good order and that there is nothing to be worried about, you should try to get a physical exam. The doctor will examine you for signs of illness or certain health conditions that you might not be able to spot yourself, and they will also look into your medical history to ensure that your health is not worsening or that you have not started to develop any inherited conditions. They will carry out general checks such as testing your blood pressure and heart rate, looking at your appearance and seeing whether you have any common symptoms of illness. Once your exam is completed, you can then rest in the knowledge that you are healthy for another year and that any problems that you have will have been caught early. However, if you develop symptoms of a health issue, you should not hesitate to visit a doctor before your next annual exam. 

4.Go to Screenings 

If you are at risk of certain diseases, such as breast or prostate cancer, due to your age, gender, genetics, or medical history, you will usually be invited to annual screenings where you will be checked for a specific condition that you have a higher chance of developing. This will then ensure that you do not go about your life with any undetected symptoms or illnesses, especially if the signs of the condition that you are being screened for usually go unnoticed. This will also enable you to get a diagnosis and the best treatment as early as possible. Annual screening programs can also encourage you to get screened for certain conditions instead of ignoring any symptoms that you might have. 

Instead of simply hoping for the best, there are many measures that you can take annually on top of your everyday actions, such as brushing your teeth and taking vitamins and OTC medications, that can help to protect your health and ensure that you feel well for longer. From getting your booster shot to visiting a dentist, there are a great many steps for you to follow to ensure that your health is well-cared-for at all times this year and for many years after. Use this guide as a starting point for heading in the right direction to protecting your health.