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Apple 6s 16GB or 128 GB Better

Apple from the beginning of its production, it is always has a charm to attract customers. After so many ears, these charms of attracting customers turned into attracting their loyal customers. Now that, apple has its own loyalist, loyalist why? Because once an apple user is always an apple user. This is their scheming and planning to make their brand more efficient, more well organized, strongest and more expensive. Apple is known to be the most expensive in the world a why is it so? Because of the branding, according to apple user, because of the security it is providing, because of the protection it gives and because of the camera quality it gives. All of these special and distinct, apple is demanding more money and apple loyalist, no matter what, still buy Apple products, whether it is an iPhone, where it is an iPad, whether it is an apple watch, whether it is a mac book. Apple has made their way, now they are just travelling and moving swiftly and smoothly. Small bit changes and as soon as new production hit the market and there it goes, people who want another apple product in their gadget’s bucket, they are so ready to buy new product.


If I want to buy another phone, I want to sell my phone online or I want to sell my mobile best price guarantee, if I have less money than buying a new phone depends on the selling of my old phone. I can compare sell my mobile, that I can compare online or local market to get the best price or I can sell my old mobile phone comparison, so that it can give me a clear look at the market rate of selling mobile phones. If I have an iPhone and I want to sell my iPhone, then the price I can expect can be good price. Apple has always been a good investment in this matter that it never tries to reduce their price money of old Iphones. This is why the loyalist of an apple always turns to Apple’s gadgets because even in terms of price, apple tires their best to make their customers satisfy. At the end, it is always satisfying, if a person is satisfied with the brand and with the technology it produce, only then he is able to trust the brand, only then, he will tell it to another person which indirectly will lead many more customers to the brand.

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If I want to get new Mobile phone, I want an apple product then I have many options, but if I have two options and I have to choose between them. Iphone 6S 16 GB or 128 GB. Let’s first discuss the specs and features of Iphone 6s. It has network till 4 G and speed it carries is around 42.2/5.76 Mbps. The capacity to hold GPRS and an edge is also the part of Iphone 6S. The announcement of its production was in 2015 and it was released in September 2015. The dimension of this product is 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in and the weight of this mobile phone is 148 G.  The front look of iPhone 6S is glass with an aluminum body and the SIM type is Nano Sim. The display of this mobile phone includes LED backlight, and a touch screen mobile phone with 16 M colors. The resolution of Iphone 6 s is 750 x 1334 pixels with 16:9 ratio, which makes it screen brighter and rich in colors. For a viewer, it will be good glance the screen of this mobile phone. The operating system of Iphone 6 S is iOS 9, which is upgradable to iOS 11.4.1. The chip set is Apple 9 and it has dual core 1.84 twister CPU. The GPU has six core graphics in it with a capacity to hold data till 2 GB in its RAM. If we see the camera result, then Apple always is one step ahead of all other brands in focusing the thing from its camera. The camera result of all Iphones, of all Apple’s products is always superior. No matter how many mega pixels it carries, the features it has in the phone makes the camera more aiming one. The front camera of Iphone 6 S is 16 MP with dual LED, HDR and flash. The selfie camera is of 5 MP with a face detection and panorama. The video quality of both cameras is of 1080p, which makes the video quality more refine with sharp colors. Touch ID, fingerprint which is front mounted, barometer, accelerometer, gyro, compass and proximity are its good features. SIRI language, ICloud service, audio, video photo editor and also document editor are its perks and plusses in the mobile phone. The non-removable battery with a good battery time. On standby mode, it can last for up to 240 H, on talk time mode, it can last for up t0 14 H. The colors it comes in, is space grey, silver, gold and rose gold.


Now the only it has is of GB it carries. Which GB is the best and suitable amount for a mobile phone? For this, let’s first see the price difference of Iphone 6 S 16 GB and Iphone 6 S 128 GB. Iphone 6S 16 GB is about £139.99 and iPhone 6 S 128 GB is about £139.99 but these are not fixed price, it varies with the passage of time. As Apple has their own operating system, the apps which you want to download cost money most of the time. Space is one thing on Iphones that drain out like water because of virus free phone, because of their own OS system. 16 GB even in android is nothing. So the best way to and the best decision to choose between Iphone 6 s 16 GB or Iphone 6 S 128 GB. Go for Iphone 6S 128 GB as it will more and you don’t have to delete your data. 

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