You might be a private investor who is looking to move out of stocks and shares, or someone who loves wearing diamond jewellery; either way, if you would like to know how safe diamond investment is, here’s an article for you.

Demand Is Up

Gemstones are a commodity that follows the supply-demand curve when talking about value; when looking for diamonds, including coloured ones, jewellers access the wholesale market and there is always a demand for fine diamond engagement and wedding rings. Whatever else happens, people still fall in love and get married.

Buy Wholesale Diamonds

The price of a finished diamond includes the wholesaler and retailer slice of the pie and if you are acquiring diamonds as a form of investment, you need to source the stones in the trade markets. When you look at a raw, uncut diamond, you need to have the insight of knowing how the stone will look when cut and polished. Talk to a certified diamond dealer and you can be sure of the best prices.

Stable Track Record

The average ‘per carat’ price has kept pace with inflation. Buying quality diamonds is never going to be a bad investment, unless, of course, you lose them. The great thing about this commodity is, you can wear the asset and that does not impact the value. Fancy diamonds should be insured, as these are the highest value stones of all. A vivid or fancy pink diamond is a solid long-term investment, especially when mounted on exquisite jewellery.

Diamond Engagement Rings

By far the most popular diamond jewellery, the classic solitaire diamond ring is making way for Art Deco designs. A 2-3 carat diamond with the highest grade cut would be very valuable, certified by GIA, of course. If you are looking for a very special symbol of love, why not approach a custom jeweller? The expert can help you with every aspect of the design and with your budget in mind, select a central diamond at trade prices, which boosts your investment by as much as 20%.

Fancy Colours

If you want to take the best return from diamond investment, you should be looking at fancy colour stones, such as loose black diamonds for sale. Indeed, many private investors acquire top-end diamonds and sit on the asset for a few years. The world-famous Argyle Mine in Western Australia no longer produces, but there are stunning stones available on the wholesale market. An investor might acquire a large uncut diamond, have it cut and polished and incorporated into a ring by a leading custom jeweller.

To conclude, diamonds are never a bad investment and the top end of the market is where you should be looking. Diamond production and distribution is controlled in such a way to ensure stability in value and the demand for vivid and fancy diamonds is always there. If you have a concept for a stunning diamond engagement ring, search for a leading jewellery maker and visit their studio to view stunning creations and high-quality uncut gemstones at trade prices.