hair extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to change style within a week, a day, or even hours. Many people are transitioning to hair extensions and the industry is estimated to make 4.66 Billion by 2025. Extensions have changed dramatically over a century to achieve a natural and professional look for anyone. In the past, extensions were only used by high-list celebrities or afforded by the upper class. Today, anyone can invest in these beautifully designed extensions to look glamourous.

There are critics of hair extensions. Some people feel that false hair is too unnatural. In reality, extensions are beneficial towards natural hair and more convenient. They replace dyes and dangerous products so your hair can stay natural and healthy. However, how do you know if extensions are right for you?

The History of Hair Extensions

Before thinking that hair extensions are a new phenomenon, let’s look at Egyptian history. Cleopatra herself was known to wear artificial hair during her rule. The fashion continued through the ruling of Queen Elizabeth and was even worn by King Louis XIII. Then, when the 60s arrived, many women began using artificial hair to create a bump of hair for the iconic 60s fashion.

Today people are using extensions for fashion and convenience. They are easily accessible through online stores or at your everyday salon. Choosing the right type of extension depends on your lifestyle and fashion choices.

Types of Hair-Extensions

There are many ways to receive hair extensions, such as temporary, short-term, and long-lasting. Each has its benefits.

Temporary Extensions

Temporary extensions are to be worn for up to a week. They come in the form of clip-ins or hairpieces. Temporaries typically allow personal placement and will not require a visit to a salon.

These extensions are perfect when wanting to try something new without the hassle of entering a salon. It’s also an easy way to have a magnificent hairstyle for a special occasion without having to work on the hair.

Short Term Extensions

These extensions can be worn for up to 8 weeks and are typically placed in a salon. They include clip-ins and invisible tape extensions.

These are a great way to try a new look without the commitment. Sometimes a look will run its course after a while and wanting to try something new after a couple of months is always fun. If you are adventurous with your looks, this is the perfect type of extension.

Long-Lasting Extensions

Long-lasting extensions, like hand-tied Hair Extensions Denver, can last up to 9 months. This type of extension is perfect to keep the same look for a long time. These extensions grow with your hair! They are also the most versatile meaning you can style your hair however you like.

The Benefits

Hair extensions give the freedom to change a style within a day or keep the exact style for months. Sometimes temporary extensions are great for special occasions. Like a wedding day or a fun night out. A short-term extension is great for trying out a new style or wanting to change your look every so often. Of course, long-lasting extensions will give you the wonderful experience of working with your hair.

Each of these extensions offers various lengths, volumes, styles, and colors. You will not be disappointed trying them out and finding the freedom to experiment with any hairstyle. Next salon visit, ask your hairstylist about the amazing benefits.

By Sambit