Nowadays, the market has introduced multiple elements to make crockery items. These include marble, silver, glass, and plastic. However, sterling silver is one of the most common and widely used elements, especially for its sterling silver effects on skin. Although many might think of silver as an obsolete metal, people use sterling silver crockery items nowadays too. It is majorly attributed to the fact that they are reluctant to adopt a new lifestyle. In addition, there are minimum sterling silver effects on the skin.

Sterling silver is not pure silver. Instead, it is an alloy of silver that contains silver mixed with any other metal, usually copper. Sterling silver contains 92.5 percent by weight of silver and the rest 7.5 percent by weight of any other metal. However, copper is generally added as another metal in sterling silver.

Compared with sterling silver, pure silver is 99.9 percent pure and fine. Due to its fineness and purity, it is soft and can be easily molded. To overcome this effect of molding and tarnishing, silver is alloyed with another metal to enhance its strength and hardness.

Uses of Sterling Silver

Silver is one of the most common metals. You may not realize it, but silver is all around you. Let’s look at some of the products that use silver.


Jewelry is one of the most common ways sterling silver is used. Ranging from necklaces, pendants, and chains to bracelets, there are different things available in sterling silver.

However, you will need to protect your jewelry piece because both are prone to tarnishing, whether silver or sterling silver. It means that the metal can react with air and produce discoloration. You also need to keep it away from perfumes and soaps.

Silverware Crockery Items

Another way to use sterling silver is to make silverware crockery items. As mentioned above, silverware crockery has been used since ancient times worldwide, and it is still known to be used in palaces and by governors.

Many people think that silverware crockery has anti-microbial properties, which are beneficial for your health, and it also has minimal effects on your skin and does not leach contents.


Apart from being used as an accessory and crockery item, silver items are also used as ornaments and decoration pieces.

If you are closely associated with the history, you must have observed that historical places have silver ornaments placed at different corners. Even today, silver ornaments have been used in homes for decorative purposes.

Are Sterling Silver Crockery Items Valuable Today?

The question of interest in today’s article is whether sterling silver crockery items are still valuable or not. Well, the answer to this question is affirmative. Sterling silver crockeries are helpful and have great worth depending on their unique features and designs. It is advised not to abruptly sell your sterling silver crockery items without getting them checked, as you can lose a lot of money.

Depending on its features, a sterling silver plate can have a value of around $30 to $200 per ounce. The worth can increase if your crockery is in good condition and has multiple features and designs.

If you are willing to sell your sterling silver crockery, then get it checked by an expert. The expert will analyze the content and weight of sterling silver in your pottery. You can earn good money for your crockery if it has 925 sterling or anything near. However, it is crucial to note that compared to 925 silver, a silver plate has a low value because of the low silver weight.

Sterling silver crockery items are part of the antique market, not the metal market. If you’re calculating it using the spot price, you’ll never arrive at a good value for your silver crockery. Your target market is collectors, and they are the ones that drive the price for sterling silver crockery.

To know if your silver crockery is valuable, check the back of the crockery for a hallmark or logo that would tell you who produced the item. Once you get that information, you can do your research online on the sterling silver crockery you possess to understand whether it is valuable.

Sterling silver crockeries are still of great value and use today, and collectors may be willing to pay thousands of dollars depending on the type of crockery you have. If you’re going to sell your silver crockery, it is best to head to an expert first, and they’ll tell you all you need to know about your crockery and its value.

Once you learn the value of your silver crockery, you can sell it off at a pawn shop. Most pawn shops have good knowledge about antique items, including silver crockeries, and they’ll be able to give you a better price than if you were to sell it to someone online or on Craig’s list.

For non-collectors, silver crockeries hold no value at all. Instead, they’d buy silver plated crockeries that look precisely the same and come at a bargain price.

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