ASMR Equipment


Let me start by giving a brief introduction to ASMR equipment. You can define ASMR is as an Autonomous sensory meridian response. It is a soothing and comfortable feeling to the majority who listen and intend to release stress and give a night of good sleep. It can be a warm whisper, sound of chewing, combing of hair, etc.

ASMR is one of the most common genres of audio available. It is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. You can see many podcasters and vloggers shifting to ASMR equipment, which attracts a substantial audience but producing a perfect sound is necessary for ASMR. If you fail to do so, your ASMR can go the other way round, discouraging your audience. Much equipment available in the market helps you get high-quality ASMR audio. 

What Equipments Do You Need to Record ASMR?

Here I’m providing a checklist of all the equipment you need to record an ASMR.

  • Microphone:
  • A microphone is the backbone of any recording. You need a good-quality microphone to record the ASMR. Go for a cardioid microphone if you want to get a whisper or eating sound or any other sound coming from a single source. Condenser microphone is the best ASMR microphone to record asmr sound. But here, it’s worth mentioning that your microphone should be of high sensitivity. ASMR is low-frequency audio, so your microphone should be sensitive enough to sense and smoothly process the audio. You can check the frequency response by referring to its specifications.

You can also take help from your mobile microphone, but for doing so, you have to invest a lot in editing and other processes. So it is better to get hands-on a professional microphone.

  • Microphone Stand:

ASMR is usually recorded in a studio setting. Another thing that you need to buy for kick-starting ASMR is a microphone stand. Go for the one which can handle your microphone perfectly, not too loose or not too tight. When you have adjusted your microphone on the support, it will reduce the chances of distortions from external resources or the risk of falling off the mic. Microphone stands come in different sizes. If you are using a USB microphone, you can go for a small microphone stand. If it is a large microphone. Binaural or XLR, then you can choose accordingly.

  • Pop Filter:

Pop filter, as the name shows. It acts as a blocker for unpleasant noises making your audio crisp clear. It blocks out plosives and obs. Furthermore, it prevents your microphone from being damaged from moisture and water. So a pop filter is another necessary piece of equipment that your studio must have to start an ASMR.

  • HeadPhones:

Feedback is an essential part of any recording. It helps you improve the audio quality

The use of speakers during a recording will interrupt your audio quality. Instead of improving, this can lead to more damage. The use of headphones is the most desirable choice in this case. You can connect your headphones to the output device and use headphones to listen to the recording.

  • Audio Interface:

The audio interface is an essential component of XLR microphones systems. It helps you customize the volume and frequency of your audio. XLR microphones come up with three plugs that you connect to the audio interface. Later you connect this audio interface to your computer or another output device to receive the audio signals. If you are using a USB microphone, you don’t need this.

  • Audio Editing Software:

Audio editing software is another must-have for the ASMR. Audio editing software such as Audacity and GarageBand not only helps you get grip on the short areas of your recording. But also, it helps to record the professional level ASMR. You can adjust the settings of this software to get the ASMR done. It will filter the audio accordingly.

  • XLR Cables and USB Cables:

XLR Cables and USB cables are essential to connect you to your audio interface and output devices. If a wire is broken or faulty, it can affect your entire audio quality. So, it carries fundamental importance to check your cables and wire before going for a recording session.

  • Camera:

If you are a YouTuber or vlogger, your video carries the same importance as your audio. So a good camera that is fitted at an appropriate location is necessary to help you achieve your ASMR goals. Most of the users prefer a soothing background environment along with the audio. So keeping that in mind and bringing in the factors to your ASMR can take it to a high level.

  • Lighting:

Here this factor essentially depends on the type of environment that you want to provide to your audience. If you are producing an effect for a relaxing sleep. I will recommend going for a dark background and environment. On the other hand, if you are doing an ASMR that involves whispering, eating, or makeup, then good lighting is necessary.

  • Acoustic treatment:

This is optional. The purpose of acoustic treatments is to provide you with an isolated environment. 

That is free from background influence. If you are working in an environment which you think can affect your recording quality despite using a pop filter. You can opt for acoustic treatment.

It is a type of foam that keeps off unnecessary noises and echoes from your audio.

Which MIC is Best for ASMR?

If I talk about the best microphone to record an ASMR, it is a condenser microphone. Condenser microphones have sensitive diaphragms which can capture the slightest audio. Its frequency response range is also higher than the other microphones. If I talk in terms of polar patterns. Omnidirectional microphones are a good idea if you want to record from the environment. If you are producing a focused ASMR, for example, whisper or speaking, then a Cardioid pattern is the best one.

Can I Record ASMR on My Phone?

Yes, you can record an ASMR on your phone. For recording, you need to install audio editing software. Keeping your phone close to your source and updating the settings to the ASMR will produce effective results. The use of a hand-free and lavalier microphone can enhance the quality of your recording.

Can You Do ASMR with iPhone Headphones?

ASMR audio is three-dimensional audio. On the other hand, the iPhone headset only offers a two-dimensional recording. If you want to record an ASMR on your iPhone. You will need to connect your phone to the lightning port. Via the lightning port gives audio interface access to alter the recordings.


ASMR is the widest accepted and liked genre among all the recordings. It avokes a tingling and relaxing sensation in the listeners, which is why ASMRtians have millions of views and subscribers. Shifting to ASMR is a good idea to upgrade your Youtube channel to more views and subscriptions. But here, it is worth mentioning that ASMR is not everyone’s piece of cake. It is hard to record, and you need specialized types of equipment to record the audio. Choose a microphone with high sensitivity and higher frequency response to enhance the chances of successful ASMR. Choosing the right background and other equipment is also necessary. Before starting with the ASMR, make sure to complete the checklist. Follow all the tips and tricks to get the best out of your audio.