Tips on How to Master It

Basketball Spin Move – Tips on How to Master It

Every basketball shot trainer worth their salt will tell you that practicing the same shot repeatedly until its second nature is one key to becoming a great shooter. However, some coaches will also say that you must learn how to create your shots to succeed at the next level.

They mean that if you can’t create your shot, you will have to rely on other people to create opportunities for you or get used to being on teams with better players who can do it for you.

The spin move is one way that basketball players can create their shots. It is a very effective move when done correctly, but it also has its weaknesses. This article will discuss how to use the spin move effectively and how a shooting trainer basketball can teach their students how to use it. We will also mention some things you should avoid using the spin move.

Benefits of the Spin Move

Before we discuss how to use the spin move effectively, let’s highlight some of its benefits.

Get around the defender

The spin move is a great way to get around your defender when cutting to the basket. When you are driving toward the basket, and your defender comes up to block your shot or stop your drive, use this move to get around them. This will allow you some space to finish with an open layup attempt.

Look for the pass

You can also use the spin move to open up space for a teammate on the fast break or transition. If you are cutting to the basket and notice that no one is open for an alley-oop pass, use this move to look for another teammate coming out from behind the defense.

Draw fouls

Fouls are a way of life in basketball. You can take them, or you can try to avoid them. If you are facing a defender playing too close for comfort and getting into your jersey, use this move to get them off balance so that they cannot draw an illegal contact call from the officials.

Almost impossible to block

Another vital benefit of this move is that it is almost impossible to block. This is because you are using your body as a shield and making the defender come around you to get their hands on the ball. If they get around you, they will be off balance and unable to jump high enough or quickly enough to make the block.

How to Perform a Spin Move

Please note that the instructions we gave here are for right-handed people. If you’re left-handed, reverse the directions and perform the move in a mirror-image fashion.

To begin the drill, the offensive player slowly dribbles toward an opposing teammate. He stands with one foot forward when he reaches his opponent and leans into him while keeping both hands on the ball.

To make this move, the offensive player slides his left foot between the defender’s feet while he puts his right foot on the floor. Both feet must remain in contact with the ground during this maneuver.

While dribbling, the ball handler takes a firm but controlled step. This allows him to keep his hand on top of the ball at all times—while still being in control. A stronger dribble will give him more time and an improved angle for passing or shooting.

When he reaches the point in his offensive motion closest to the basket, he stops and leans forward. He places more weight on the ball of his left foot, ensuring not to lose balance. Then he pivots on this foot while turning clockwise so that by moving only one leg and staying balanced—he can face a different direction.

As the ball handler dribbles, he shifts his weight to the heel of his left foot. He then swings around with his right leg so that it comes back towards the defender while not stretching very far away from its pivot point—a kind of spin move in which he fakes out another dribble before returning to face him again.

The defender is left flat-footed by this feint, but the dribbler does not simply shoot past him. Instead, he pushes off his right leg and blows by the opponent before picking up a new dribble with his left hand on the other side of the ball—ensuring that it stays protected from the opponent’s hands.

Common Mistakes Players Make When Learning the Spin Move

As a shot trainer basketball, you must know that players make many common mistakes when learning this move. They often try to force things and lose control of the ball, throwing it off into the air or in some other direction than they want. This is because they need to understand how to use their body weight effectively and instead become overly reliant on their hands for control.

Another common mistake is for players to spin too quickly—instead of spinning with finesse and grace, they move from one side of their body to another jerkily, which makes them easy targets for defenders who want nothing more than to strip away possession of the ball.

When to Use A Spin Move

Dribblers can use a spin move in two situations: first, when the defender is pressing them—or at least playing far away from his team’s basket; and second, against defenders who are closer to their own goal than they are. If the ball handler dribbles toward a defender in this position, performing an explosive spin move can put the offensive player ahead of their opponent and ready for good possession.

Offensive players can make defenders miss by using a spin move. They can then use the space they create to shoot the ball into an open court area.

Spin moves are good for scoring near the basket. This can mean beating players who may not initially guard you on a close shot or getting around multiple defenders to make your shot.

When a defender beats the ball handler to their desired spot on the court, the savvy ball handler can use a spin move to escape. This maneuver allows him to keep his forward momentum while spinning away from his primary defender—the perfect way to destabilize any opponent! The spin move can be used as a defense against aggressive players or in combination with any of the three offensive tactics above.


Setting up the defender to make a spin move effectively is helpful. One way to do this is by moving in one direction (away from where you want to take the ball) or crossing over before executing your dribble move—this will cause defenders to shift their attention and open more space for you.

Picking Up the Ball

It’s possible to pick up the ball after a dribble and continue with another move. This is most effective if defenders in heavy traffic are closely guarding the player—but it can also be risky because fewer passing options are available than when that player has control of the ball without picking it up first.


Mastering the spin move is a great way to increase your chances of getting open and scoring more points. The spin move is also very effective in driving past your defender, especially if you’re smaller than them. If you’re having trouble mastering this move on the court, try practicing with the right basketball training equipment to help you improve your dribbling skills. The right basketball shoes, basketballs, and other accessories will make the process easier and more enjoyable.

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