Venice is now known for its 1600-year history, for the way it is built, and for the islands that make it the big sister in the Venetian Lagoon. Back in the day, Venice was a very populated city full of commerce and culture. 

Speaking of culture, once the silverware and the goldsmiths were a meeting point among the rich Venetian ladies, who embellished themselves with the splendid jewels produced in the various Venetian shops. Still, some of these – located between Rialto and San Marco- affirm this goldsmith tradition and are a significant part of the history of Venice. The importance of craftsmanship was high, and they played a noteworthy role in making this tradition, and their works are known all over the globe. The production included amber necklaces, gold and mother-of-pearl cameos, rings, precious stones, red coral, the Rosetta, the Millefiori…

It can be said that another material widely used to produce jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets is glass. More precisely, Murano glass, was worked with the utmost precision by the Master Glassmakers. The immense skill of the craftsmen of Murano – one of the islands of the Venetian Lagoon – is due to the enormous knowledge that has always been passed down from generation to generation, that knowledge that made and still makes it possible to create handmade works of art. The way in which blown glass is worked mirrors that of centuries ago, making the furnaces and glass masters of Murano a piece of living history. 

The jewels in the collection produced by our artisans try to incorporate the tradition and fashion of the past but also more modern and ethnic forms. In the Bead Glass Necklaces section, a wide range awaits you: those with a classic touch or those with a more modern touch, both will give your outfits an extra touch and certainly will never go out of style. Check out our site to be able to imagine yourself with these charming necklaces, also perfect as a gift to a long-time friend or your girlfriend. Our site Yourmurano certifies that the product is safe to purchase thanks to the trademark placed on the purchased product, which also marks the furnace in which it was created. 

By Swati